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ELISA Kits Introduction

Elisa Kits

Creative Biomart offers a wide variety of complete ELISA kits that have been exhaustively tested for superior quality and reproducibility for clinical as well as research applications. Kits contain reagents which are ready-to-use and colour-coded to ensure accurate reagent dispensing. Our commitment is to provide the highest quality products at reasonable prices.

We also provide Testing Services and Contract Research.

If you need any assistance, our experienced scientists are more than happy to provide optimized protocols and helpful technical support to accelerate your research.


 Creative Biomart ELISA Kits Product List

  • 45-16 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
    TEL: 1-631-559-9269
    FAX: 1-631-938-8127

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    TEL: 44-207-048-3343

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