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Emerging viral diseases cause epidemics in humans, animals and plants. Emerging animal viruses often originate through interactions between animals and humans, either created by inter-specific transmission, or mediated by an insect vector. Although animal viruses are the source of most human viral epidemics, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), avian flu H5N1 and Ebola virus, these emerging viruses were not known in the animals until they became infectious to humans. Inversely, a number of human viruses, such as metapneumovirus and influenza virus, cause infection in animals, in a process called reverse zoonosis. Certain viruses (arboviruses) can be transmitted by insects, causing severe diseases in humans (e.g. yellow fever, dengue and various encephalitis), in animals (e.g. bluetongue disease), or in both (e.g. Rift Valley fever, West Nile encephalomyelitis). As of 2008, 188 human viruses have been described. Of the viruses known to infect humans, 75% are zoonotic, which accounts for 80% of the emerging viruses. Considering the vast number of animal species, and the fact that each animal species likely hosts a broad range of viruses, the total reservoir of animal virus diversity is enormous. However, our knowledge of the diversity of viruses infecting non-human animals is severely limited. Understanding virus diversity and the dynamics amongst human, animal, and insect vector reservoirs is of critical importance for protecting public health. Creative Biomart, as a primary manufacturer, provides recombinant proteins of several sources, grades and formulations for research applications involved with virus.

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