Viral antigen

Catalog# Product Name Inquiry
RUB-356 Rubella Capsid Inquiry
RUB-357 Rubella E1 Inquiry
RUB-358 Rubella E2 Inquiry
ACE2-359 ACE2 (18-615) Human Inquiry
ACE2-360 ACE2 (18-740) Human Inquiry
ACE2-361 ACE2 (18-740) Human, Biotin Inquiry
ACE2-362 ACE2 (18-740) Human, Fc Inquiry
ACE2-363 ACE2 (19-740) Human Inquiry
COV2-364 CoV-2 Envelope (1-75) Inquiry
COV2-365 CoV-2 Membrane Env. Inquiry


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