Learn FDA’s Review of Bio-similar from ABP215


ABP215 is a biosimilar drug developed by Amgen and Allergan, using Avastin (bevacizumab) as a prototype drug. Amgen filed a drug application to the FDA in November 2016. The FDA Oncologic Drugs Advisory Committee (ODAC) met on July 13, 2017, and the members voted in favor of approving the ABP215 drug application. The ABP215 is expected to become America’s first Avastin bio-similar drug. Liu Shining, the research manager in TrendForce,…


Antiviral Proteins Designed by Computer May Help Halt Pandemic

glass model of an influenza virus hanging in the national museum

Bill Gates said in a speech at the Munich Security Conference that three threats are closely related to the fate of our human species: nuclear warfare, climate change and the next global pandemic. “If we are going to prepare for the worst, we should build an arsenal.” The factory he mentioned is not referring to any guns or ammunition, but the vaccine, drugs and diagnostics. At present, what troubles us…


Tea and Coffee Consumption in Relation to DNA Methylation


In a recent study published in Human Molecular Genetics, researchers from the University of Uppsala, found that tea consumption may lead to DNA methylation changes of some special genes in women bodies, while those genes are thought to have interactions between cancers and estrogen metabolism.   As we all know, lifestyle factors, like food choices, smoking and exposure to chemicals, can alter DNA methylation and lead to changes in gene…


Market and R&D Analysis of Recombinant Protein Drugs

Recombinant protein drugs

According to the report of Grand View Research, the demand for recombinant technology, pharmaceutical biotechnology and DNA sequencing technology is increasing based on disease diagnosis and treatment requirement, and the global biotechnology market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.3%. By 2020, the market size will be $606.8 billion. Recombinant protein, a genetic engineering and cell engineering technology, produced from the creature body, has become…


How does FGF-dependent Metabolic Control Vascular Development?


The vasculature is the earliest organ to develop. Unlike other organs it has to be functional throughout development and therefore has to constantly adapt to the changing requirements of embryogenesis. As soon as an embryo grows bigger than about 2mm it critically depends on a functional vasculature because passive diffusion is not sufficient to supply all cells with oxygen and nutrients. Similar to embryos, any tumor wanting to grow bigger than…


Would You Accept a Pig’s Heart One Day?

Would you accept a pig heart

Imagine: your heart is failing to work, and a replacement is deadly in need. Consistently, your family waits anxiously for a call from the hospital for the found of donor. At that point, one day, the call comes. In your fervor you scarcely hear what the doctor on the flip side of the line is letting you know. There’s something you ought to know, she says. The contributor is not…