Two Articles Reveals a Specific Gene That Makes the Human Brain Big—NOTCH2NL

Over the past 3 million years, the evolution of larger brains has played an important role in our ability to think, solve problems, and develop cultures. However, it has always been a mystery for us to become genetic changes in the human brain. In two papers published in Cell, two groups of researchers identified a gene family, NOTCH2NL, which appears to play an important role in the human-specific cortical development…


Ways to Promote Durable Weight Loss in Obese Patients Found

Recently, in a study published in Nature Medicine, researchers from Charite Medical College in Berlin successfully treated obese patients due to hereditary defects. The new drugs developed by the researchers not only benefit patients, but also help them understand the basic signal pathways that regulate the satiety of this new drug.   Gene mutations that encode leptin receptors induce individuals to become extremely hungry during the first few months of…


Nature: Multiple Parkinson’s Related Brain Disorders May Stem from Different Strains of α-Synuclein

parkinson diseases-feature

Recently, in a study published in Nature, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have found that the main features of different Parkinson‘s-related brain disorders may be intracellular misfolded proteins; the authors found that the pathological form of α-synuclein is the culprit in the induction of many diseases.   Dr. Chao Peng said that the influence of cell types on different α-synuclein variants may be able to solve the most important…


The Latest Research Progress in Cancer Resistance (II)

(Continued)   Scientific Reports: New Computational Approach to Identify Chemotherapy Targets   (DOI: 10.1038/s41598-018-19284-3)   One of the most important features of tumors is the methylation of deoxycytidine to form 5-methylcytosine (5mC). DNA methylation is the process by which a methyl group is added to a DNA molecule.   It has been found that the occurrence and distribution of 5mC are important for gene regulation, and it can also serve…


The Latest Research Progress in Cancer Resistance (I)


Drug resistance is one of the main reasons leading to the failure of cancer treatment, which greatly limits the choice and use of cancer drugs, and breaking the hopes of the cancer patients again and again. The study of drug resistance in cancer is of utmost importance. It is imminent to explore the mechanism of cancer resistance and new methods to combat drug resistance.   Insulin pathways can lead to…


Cell: Special Cancer Protein Brings Hope for New Targeted Cancer Therapies

Highlights The oncogenic Gαs mutation R201C allows GDP-bound Gαs to activate adenylyl cyclase GDP-bound Gαs(R201C/C237S) adopts an active state in its crystal structure The R201C mutation activates Gαs by stabilizing an intramolecular H-bond network Loss-of-function mutations R228C and R265H destabilize the GTP active state of Gαs A few days ago, researchers from Howard Houston Medical School discovered a novel protein mutation in pituitary tumors, which may subvert the traditional concept,…