Acetyltransferase activity Kit

Cat.No. :
Product Overview :
Universal-suitable for any AcetylCoA-dependent acetyltransferaseRobust-Z" factor = 0.87Sensitive-fluorescent detection allows for both DNA and protein assaysHigher throughput-homogeneous mix-and-read assay
Size :
96 wells
Description :
The Acetyltransferase activity kit is a homogeneous mix-and-read fluorescent assay for the determination of any acetyl-CoA dependent acetyltransferase activity. It is suitable for end-point or kinetic read options, which is ideal for determining mechanism of action, kinetics, and screening candidate compounds. The assay is amendable to HTS and miniaturization.
Applications :
Fluorescence microscopy. For the measurement of acetyl-CoA dependent acetyltransferase activity in purified in vitro samples that do not contain reductants from any species
Storage :
Store all components at -20°C, except positive control at -80°C.
Kit Components :
Black Microtiter plate, Reaction buffer, Assay buffer, Detection solution, Positive control


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