Epigenetic Assays

The completion of the Human Genome Project and the advancement of next-generation sequencing technology have revealed that genomic DNA has much less control over biological processes and disease states than people initially thought. Instead, epigenetic factors determine how DNA is translated, strictly regulate the DNA structure, and then control gene expression at specific times.

Epigenetic regulation occurs at the level of many interactions. Multiple epigenetic factors work together to coordinate the fundamental cellular processes ranging from development to cell death. To understand all aspects of biology or diseases, we need to observe all these levels in parallel to understand the role of epigenetics in promoting biological processes. Creative BioMart has a variety of different types of assay kits that can help your epigenetic research.

The applications of our assay kits include:

  • Measuring HDAC8 levels from various fresh tissues and cultured mammalian cells;
  • Measuring DNA demethylase activity/inhibition;
  • Detecting DNA fragmentation efficiently from apoptotic cells;
  • Providing a system that maintains the nuclear and cytoplasmic compartments separate and intact.

The extracted nuclear and cytoplasmic protein fractions are functional and compatible with the downstream assays such as transcriptional activity assay, RNA splicing, gel shift assay, reporter assays, enzyme activity assays, and western blotting. It can also screen for DNA repair inhibitors, characterize DNA repair enzymatic signature from samples, check DNA glycosylase specificity, characterize DNA repair inhibitory properties of chemicals, etc.

The compatible sample types include fresh or frozen tissues, cultured adherent and suspension cells, mammalian cells, blood, DNA, fresh or dry leaf, root, seed plant tissues, and other samples. The kit has outstanding advantages such as simple one-step procedures, reliable and consistent assay conditions, and higher sensitivity than other similar kits in the market.

Creative BioMart has a professional team and a fast response mechanism. Our mission is to make your assay quick, easy to handle, cost-effective, accurate, and reproducible. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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