Enzyme Activity Assays

The detection of enzyme activity usually refers to the detection of catalytic activity. It usually uses spectroscopy detection, HPLC detection, chemical determination method, electrode detection method. However, traditional detection methods are time-consuming and cumbersome to operate. Can we find a time-saving, labor-saving, and highly accurate way to detect enzyme activity? After a long time of research, enzyme activity detection kits were developed. These kits provide a simple and efficient method for detecting enzyme activity.

The targets of the enzyme activity determination kits include alkaline phosphatase, alanine transaminase, alanine aminotransferase, asparaginase, collagenase, creatine kinase, glucose dehydrogenase, invertase, luciferase, methyltransferase, and other enzyme activity detection.

The advantages of the enzyme activity determination kits are as follows:

  1. Simple technical method;
  2. Convenient and fast operation;
  3. Sensitive detection technology detects enzyme activity in various biological samples.

Generally, the suitable sample types of enzyme activity assay kits include:

  • Serum, plasma, or blood.
  • Animal tissues: liver, heart, kidney, etc.
  • Cell culture: adherent or suspension cells

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