Alcohol Dehydrogenase Activity Assay Kit

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Product Overview :
ADH Activity Assay Kit is used for measuring alcohol dehydrogenase activity.
Description :
Alcohol dehydrogenase (Alcohol DH, ADH) (EC is a group of seven dehydrogenase enzymes that occur in many organisms and facilitate the interconversion between alcohols and aldehydes or ketones with the reduction of NAD+ to NADH. In humans and many other animals, they serve to break down alcohols which could otherwise be toxic; in yeast and many bacteria, some alcohol dehydrogenases catalyze the opposite reaction as part of fermentation. ADH Activity Assay Kit provides a convenient tool for sensitive detection of the ADH in a variety of samples. In the assay ADH will utilize isopropanol as a substrate leading to a proportional color development. The activity of ADH can be easily quantified colorimetrically (λ = 450 nm). This assay detects ADH activity as low as 0.01 mU in samples.
Target Species :
Usage :
For research use only (RUO)
Storage :
Store the kit at -20°C, protect from light. Allow ADH Assay Buffer to warm to room temperature before use.Briefly centrifuge vials prior to opening. Read the entire protocol before performing the assay.
Kit Components :
ADH Assay Buffer. Cap code: WM. 25 mLSubstrate. Cap code: blue. 1 mLDeveloper (Lyophilized). Cap code: red. 1 vialADH Positive Control (Lyophilized). Cap code: green. 1 vialNADH Standard (0.5 μmol, Lyophilized). Cap code: yellow. 1 vial
Detection method :
Compatible Sample Types :
Biological Fluid, Cell Culture Supernatant, Culture Medium, Fermentation Medium, Food Sample, Plasma, Serum, Tissue Culture Supernatant, Urine


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