BCA Protein Quantitation Kit

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Product Overview :
BCA Protein Quantitation Kit is used for determing protein concentrations of samples containing DTT, TCEP and beta-mercaptoethanol.
Description :
BCA Protein Quantitation Kit is the only protein estimation kit on the market that is compatible with strong reducing agents such as TCEP up to 20 mM, DTT up to 10 mM & β-mercaptoethanol up to 35 mM. This kit is adapted from BCA Assay Kit II and is based on the chelation of bicinchoninic acid (BCA) with the cuprous cation (Cu+1), which is generated by reduction of cupric cation (Cu+2) with the protein in alkaline conditions. Reducing agents in samples interfere with BCA assay due to their ability to reduce Cu+2. BCA Protein Quantitation Kit is useful for determing protein concentrations of samples containing DTT, TCEP & β-mercaptoethanol. The assay is linear over the widest range of protein concentration between 25- 2000 µg/ml. In general, protein concentrations are calculated with reference to a commonly used protein standard. The kit also includes Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) as a protein standard for estimation of total protein content of samples.
Applications :
Measuring total protein concentration of pure proteins, extracts or lysates in the presence of reducing agents.
Usage :
For research use only (RUO)
Storage :
Store all components of the kit at room temperature. Read the entire protocol before performing the experiment.
Kit Components :
BCA Reagent A. Cap code: NM. 200 mlBCA Reagent B. Cap code: NM. 20 mlBSA Standard (2 mg/ml). Cap code: white. 10 x 1 mlBlocking Reagent (20 mg/tube). Cap code: amber. 20 x 1 vialBlocking Reagent Buffer. Cap code: NM. 20 ml
Detection method :
Compatible Sample Types :
Cell Extract, Cell Lysate, Tissue Extract, Tissu Lysate
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