Luminescent ATP Detection Assay Kit

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Product Overview :
Luminescent ATP Detection Assay Kit irreversibly inactivates ATP degrading enzymes (ATPases) during the lysis step, ensuring that the luminescent signal obtained truly corresponds to the endogenous levels of ATP.
Size :
300 tests
Description :
Total levels of cellular ATP can be used to assess cell viability, cell proliferation and cytotoxicity of a wide range of compounds and biological response modifiers.
Applications :
Functional Studies
Storage :
Store kit at 4ºC in the dark immediately upon receipt. Kit has a storage time of 1 year from receipt, providing components have not been reconstituted. Refer to list of materials supplied for storage conditions of individual components. Observe the storage conditions for individual prepared components in the Materials Supplied section. Aliquot components in working volumes before storing at the recommended temperature.
Kit Components :
Detergent: 1 x 20ml; 4°C (Before Preparation); 4°C (After Preparation)Lyophilized ATP standard: 1 vial; 4°C (Before Preparation); 4°C (After Preparation)Lyophilized substrate: 3 vials; 4°C (Before Preparation); -20°C (After Preparation)Substrate Buffer: 1 x 20ml; 4°C (Before Preparation); -20°C (After Preparation)
Detection method :
Features & Benefits :
Long luminescence signal: The half life of the luminescent signal is greater than 5 hours and therefore a special luminometer with injectors is not required.Fast: Results are obtained in less than 30 minutes.Simple: There are no separation steps and there are only 2 reagent additions.Homogenous: No cell harvesting or centrifugation required.Sensitive: The limit of detection is 5 cells in 100µL.Wide linear dynamic range: Approximately from 1pM to 1µM of ATP (this will vary depending on instrument sensitivity).
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