Mammalian Chromatin Extraction Kit

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Product Overview :
Mammalian Chromatin Extraction Kit is used for isolating chromatin or DNA-protein complex from mammalian cells or tissues.
Description :
Chromatin immunoprecipitaton (ChIP) offers an advantageous tool for studying protein-DNA interaction. With ChIP, the experimenter can determine if a specific protein binds to the specific sequences of a gene in living cells by combining with PCR (ChIP-PCR), microarray (ChIP-chip), or sequencing (ChIP-Seq) techniques. For example, the measurement of the amount of methylated histone H3 at lysine 9 (meH3-K9) associated with a specific gene promoter region under various conditions can be achieved through a ChIP-PCR assay, while recruitment of meH3-K9 to the promoters on a genome-wide scale can be detected by ChIP-chip. In particular, the ChIP method with specific antibodies directly against various transcriptional factors is widely demanded. For performing ChIP, chromatin or DNA-protein complex in cells or tissues should be first isolated.
Applications :
The Mammalian Chromatin Extraction Kit is suitable for isolating chromatin or DNA-protein complex from mammalian cells or tissues in a simple and rapid format. Chromatin prepared by this kit can be used in a variety of chromatin immunoprecipitation methods. The isolated chromatin can also be used in other chromatin-related applications such as in vitro protein-DNA binding assays and nuclear enzyme assays.
Target Species :
Usage :
For research use only (RUO)
Storage :
Upon receipt: (1) Protease Inhibitor cocktails at 4°C; (2) Store remaining components at room temperature.All components of the kit are stable for 6 months from the date of shipment, when stored properly.Note: Check if any buffers contain salt precipitates before use. If so, shake the buffer until the salts are re-dissolve.
Kit Components :
10X Lysis Buffer 11 mlExtraction Buffer 11 mlChromatin Buffer 11 mlProtease Inhibitor Cocktails (1000X)* 110 µl* Spin the solution down to the bottom prior to use.
Compatible Sample Types :
Cell, Tissue
Features & Benefits :
Extremely fast procedure: the entire procedure from cell/tissue sample to ready-to-use chromatin is less than 60 minutes.Convenient and flexible: the kit is suitable for preparing both native chromatin and cross-linked chromatin from monolayer or suspension cells, or from tissues.Unsheared chromatin makes it customizable for various analysis workflows that require either intact or fragmented chromatin, including ChIP, in vitro protein-DNA interaction analysis, nuclear enzyme assay, etc.


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