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Alzheimacy was founded based on a firm scientific belief that the rapid development of biotechnology will enable people to better understand Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and obtain solutions for the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of this disease. We believe that no other disease needs or promises a medical breakthrough like AD. Alzheimacy hopes to work with global partners to fight AD and hopes to build a sustainable and profitable biotechnology company.

For Academic Partners

No single company, institution, university or government agency can solve global health problems on its own. In the face of the challenge, our strategy is to work with anyone with cutting-edge knowledge and technology to further improve the efficiency of the research and development of effective therapeutics for AD.

We are open to opportunities such as global licensing and co-development. We choose to cooperate with the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, academic centers, universities, and other relevant organizations in various forms. Alzheimacy promises to share appropriate future revenue with our partners.

Alzheimacy sincerely welcomes scientists interested in the basic research on the pathogenesis of AD and development of therapeutics for this disease to perform your research projects by leveraging our platforms. Alzheimacy will claim commercial rights throughout the process through contracts, encourage joint publication of scientific discoveries, support related patent applications, and appropriately share the economic benefits of the research. For more information on partnership opportunities, please email

Why Alzheimacy?

For Investors

Alzheimacy is a biotechnology company dedicated to the introduction, development, and commercialization of innovative therapeutics for AD. Our company is currently in a period of rapid development and rising. We sincerely invite friends from the financial industry who are willing to develop with us to pay attention to and support the development of Alzheimacy, share with each other, face challenges together, and create a better future!

The value factors of Alzheimacy are as follows:

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