About Us

Alzheimacy is the Technology Division of Creative BioMart, a US-based leading biotechnology company. Alzheimacy focuses on basic research and preclinical research in Alzheimer’s disease (AD). With our comprehensive technology platforms, we are able to support global research institutions and pharmaceutical companies in various fields, aiming to help clients discover and execute the world’s top AD pharmaceutical projects, from chemical drugs to biological drugs to biologics. We are willing to work with like-minded scientists and leaders around the world to advance medical research on this disease.

Our Values

We always maintain a positive belief and use our motivation and commitment to attract and inspire others.

We work fearlessly. We do not give up even when challenged and pursue excellence in all that we do.

We are always open, professional, ethical and sincere. We are responsible for ourselves and create value for our clients.

We are very concerned about making a difference. Transparent communication and strong execution are our secrets to keep working efficiently.

Innovation is the source of power. We keep innovation at the heart of strategy.