Kit Validation

Performance of assays kits purchased from manufacturers is highly recommended to be validated before use. Variations caused by lot-lot difference might lead to inconsistent assay results, which could be avoid beforehand by kit validation. Some manufacturers might implement rigorous quality control, while some might not. Necessity of validating the performance of assay kits is therefore apparent. Creative BioMart provides validation service to check the quality of your assay kits with regards to specificity, sensitivity, reproducibility, and linearity.

Assay Kit Validation Workflow

Kit Validation

Kit Validation

We are able to carry out validation with various types of assay kits, including ELISA kit, enzyme activity assay kit, quantification kit, sample preparation kit, et al. Positive control and negative control samples will be purchased if they are available in market. Otherwise customers are required to provide them for validation. Statistical analysis is presented in the validation report to conclude the performance of your assay kits.

Creative BioMart is experienced on assay kit validation and has gained great reputation in market. We are glad to help you ensure the quality of commercial assay kits, thus allowing smooth experiments. If you are looking for assay kit validation solutions, please contact us for custom service.

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