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Custom Membrane Protein Production

Custom Membrane Protein Production
Creative BioMart offers services in the production and formulation of membrane and other proteins for various applications. The FoldEZTM platform was designed specifically to address issues associated with the discovery of therapeutics for low abundance membrane proteins, and primarily GPCRs and ion channels.

Creative BioMart's proprietary FoldEZTM technology utilizes an E. coli expression system designed to enhance expression and to direct the recombinant protein to cytosolic aggregates known as "inclusion bodies”. This enables a yield of up to 10,000 fold higher than seen with conventional recombinant membrane protein expression technologies. Yields using this method are typically between 5-50 mg per liter of cell culture medium. The aggregated recombinant protein is then taken through a series of proprietary purification and refolding steps to generate functional, native protein.

With FoldEZTM , multiple targets or multiple variants of a given membrane protein target can be produced quickly and in a parallel format. To date, more than 200 different GPCRs and ion channels have been cloned and expressed using FoldEZTM. The current rate of success in expression and refolding is more than 75% for any given new protein and has been steadily increasing in the past.

FoldEZTM is the basis of drug discovery technologies such as protein structure analysis and the generation of therapeutic antibodies directed against GPCRs.

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  • 45-16 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
    USA: 1-631-559-9269
    Europe: 44-207-048-3343
    FAX: 1-631-938-8127

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