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Directed Evolution
Creative Biomart is a leader in applying directed molecular evolution to improve healthcare by discovering, optimizing and developing human biotherapeutics.

Mutation, selection, reproduction, repeat for millions of generations—every biologist is familiar with how evolution has resulted in the incredible diversity and adaptations found in the natural world. Directed evolution uses a similar strategy to create biomolecules for use in diverse fields spanning industrial production, medical science, and basic research. The crucial difference is that, with directed evolution, results can be achieved much more quickly, in many cases with just a few rounds of mutagenesis and selection.

Figure 1:
Directed evolution

In vitro molecular evolution strategies (Figure 1) are widely regarded as the most efficient methods for creating proteins and regulatory sequences with improved or novel properties. Creative Biomart GenePowerTM Directed Evolution services cover a variety of different approaches for creating genetic variants. Paired with appropriate screening methods, our directed evolution technologies can create the genetic diversity you need to obtain proteins with the characteristics you need.

•Most service offerings do not require DNA template—DNA is synthesized from your sequence information
•Complete control over every important feature of the library—Create rational diversity where it is likely to have the most impact
•Significantly reduced screening effort compared to conventional mutagenesis methods
•Generate variants that cannot be created using conventional methods
•Maximum sequence integrity in unmutated regions, maximum variation where you want it, and maximum insert size
•Improved likelihood of obtaining useful variants