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Food & Healthcare Test Services


With more and more reports on food safety, contamination of the environment and daily supplies, and drug safety problems, the public is becoming increasingly concerned about health issue. Thus, detection on hazardous substance is urgently needed. Creative Biomart provides professional Food & Healthcare test services on food, drugs, environmental indicators, and chemical products according to international standards. Our tests are to guarantee their quality through the inspection of raw material, semi-finished product, finished product, by-product, soil, air or water, by physical, chemical and biochemical technologies.

Creative Biomart offers international standard rapid test services to ensure high sensitivity and efficiency based on our advanced laboratory equipment and technology platforms.

Food & Healthcare Test Services

We can provide test services for various samples ranging from the following categories:

Daily food:

  1. Grain products: wheat flour, rice, etc.
  2. Edible oil and oil products: edible vegetable oil, edible oil products, edible animal oil. 
  3. Meat products: cured meat, pot stewed meat, smoked meat, fermented meat, etc.
  4. Fruit and fruit products: preserved fruit, jam, etc.
  5. Aquatic products: dried aquatic product, salted aquatic product, surimi product, etc.
  6. Egg products: dried egg products, frozen egg products, etc.
  7. Bean products: fermented bean products, non-fermented bean products, etc.

Flavoring food:

  1. Condiment: soy sauce, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, etc.
  2. Sugar: white granulated sugar, soft sugar, brown granulated sugar, rock candy, cube sugar, etc. 
  3. Starch products: glucose, maltose, etc.

Health care products:

  1. Honey products: honey, bee milk, etc.
  2. Tea products: tea, substituting tea, etc. 
  3. Coco products: coco, roasted coffee.
  4. Alcoholic: beer, wine, rice wine, fruit wine, etc.

Processed food:

  1. Convenient food: instant noodles, etc.
  2. Biscuit: crisp biscuit, semi hard biscuit, cookies, sandwich biscuit, wafer biscuit, egg roll, sponge biscuit, etc. 
  3. Canned food: canned fruit, canned vegetable, etc.
  4. Frozen food: ice cream, popsicle, etc.
  5. Quick-frozen food: quick-frozen noodle, quick-frozen rice, etc.
  6. Chips and Puffed food.
  7. Candy products: candy, chocolates, jelly, etc.
  8. Roasted seeds and nuts product.
  9. Pastry: baked pastry, fried pastry, cooked powder pastry, etc.

Drinking water and beverage:

  1. Dairy products sterilized milk, yogurt, full-fat dairy product, non-fat dairy product, condensed milk, cream, cheese, etc.
  2. Beverage: soda, tea drinks, fruit juice, vegetable juice, protein drink, solid drink, etc. 
  3. Drinking water: natural mineral water, purified water, etc.

Food package, kitchenware and tableware:

  1. Utensils: iron utensil, aluminum utensil, glass tableware, stainless steel tableware, disposable tableware, etc.
  2. Kitchenware: pot, spatula, cutting board, etc. 
  3. Food package: food container, various food packages

Environmental indicator:

  1. Water, soil, air

Daily chemical product:

  1. Cosmetic, washing powder, liquid shampoo


  1. Pre-clinical drugs, biosimilar, etc.


  1. Tobacco, spice, pet food, fodder, etc.

You can customize your service package to include one or more of the following tests:
Metal/Element test
Microbiological test
Pesticide & veterinary residue test
Food additive test
Fungal toxin test
Physical and chemical index test
Drug test
Nutritive Index Test

Our advantages:

  1. International acceptance
  2. One-stop service
  3. High-quality and high-efficiency
  4. Advanced equipment
  5. Customized service
Welcome to contact us or send an email to for project quotations and more detailed information.
45-1 Ramsey Road, Shirley, NY 11967, USA
USA: 1-631-559-9269  1-631-448-7888
Europe: 44-207-048-3343
FAX: 1-631-938-8127

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