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Diagnostic Antigen

Cat. # Product name Source(Host) Species Conjugate Price
Scarb1-847M Recombinant Mouse Scavenger Receptor Class B, Member 1, Fc-His HEK293 Mouse Fc-His +Inquiry
RBP4-214R Recombinant Rat Retinol Binding Protein 4, Plasma, His-tagged Human Cells Rat His +Inquiry
CDA001 Human Alpha Fetoprotein Antigen Grade +Inquiry
CDA002 Human Cancer Antigen 125 (Ovarian Cancer) (Gastrointestinal Cancer) +Inquiry
CDA003 Human Cancer Antigen CA15-3 (Breast Cancer) Calibrator Grade +Inquiry
CDA004 Human Cancer Antigen CA19-9 Calibrator Grade +Inquiry
CDA005 Human Cancer Antigen CA24-2 (colo-205) +Inquiry
CDA006 Human Cancer Antigen 50 Calibrator Grade +Inquiry
CDA007 Human Cancer Antigen 72-4 +Inquiry
CDA008 Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA) +Inquiry
CDA009 Cardiac Troponin I +Inquiry
CDA010 Cyfra21-1 Antigen +Inquiry
CDA011 Free Prostate Specific Antigen +Inquiry
CDA012 Hepatitis A virus Antigen Calibrator Grade +Inquiry
CDA013 Hepatitis B Virus Antigen(Calibrator) Grade +Inquiry
CDA014 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin +Inquiry
CDA015 Human Chorionic Gonadotropin beta +Inquiry
CDA017 Hepatitis B virus core Antigen (ayw) +Inquiry
CDA018 Human Liver Ferritin +Inquiry
CDA020 Prostate Specific Antigen +Inquiry
CDA021 Recombinant human SCCA Antigen +Inquiry
CDA022 Recombinant syphilis TP17 antigen, Antigen Grade +Inquiry
CDA023 Recombinant syphilis TP47 antigen, Antigen Grade +Inquiry
CDA024 Recombinant TB -16,TB-18 and esat antigen, Antigen Grade +Inquiry
CDA025 Recombinant TB esat antigen, Antigen Grade +Inquiry

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