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Product Types
?human plasma(2)
2000U/mg before immobilization(1)
Acremonium sp(1)
Adult Male Rat Submandibular Glands(2)
Aerococcuss viridans(2)
Arachis hypogaea (peanut)(1)
Arthrobacter globiformis(2)
Arthrobacter sp(2)
Bacillus cereus(1)
Bacillus megaterium(2)
Bacillus sp(2)
Bacillus stearothermophilus(5)
Bacillus subtilis(1)
beef pancreas(1)
Bordetella pertussis(1)
Bovine (Beef) Liver(2)
Bovine (Beef) Pancreas(1)
Bovine articular cartilage(1)
Bovine Blood(1)
Bovine Brain(6)
Bovine erythrocytes(2)
Bovine heart(6)
Bovine heart muscle(1)
Bovine Hypothalamus(1)
Bovine intestinal mucosa(1)
Bovine intestinal tissue(1)
bovine intestine(1)
Bovine joint cartilage(4)
Bovine Kidney(1)
bovine lens(1)
bovine liver(6)
Bovine lung(2)
Bovine Milk(3)
Bovine Myocardium(2)
Bovine nasal septum(2)
Bovine pancreas(6)
Bovine Pituitary(1)
Bovine plasma(14)
Bovine Serum(9)
Bovine skin(1)
Bovine Spinal Cord(6)
bovine submaxillary glands(1)
Bovine Testis(1)
Bovine thymus tissue(1)
bovine thyroid(1)
bovine tissue(1)
Calf Intestine(2)
Calf Thymus(1)
Candida sp(1)
Canine (dog) Serum(2)
Canine Plasma(1)
Canine Serum(1)
Canine/Dog Heart(2)
Cattle Blood(1)
Chicken Egg White(2)
Chicken gizzard(5)
Chicken Heart(1)
Chicken Liver(1)
chicken muscle(1)
Chicken plasma(1)
Chicken sternum(3)
Clostridium botulinum D bacteriophage(1)
Clostridium perfringens(1)
Cyno monkey plasma(1)
Cynomolgus Monkey Heart(1)
Dog Heart(1)
Dog Plasma(11)
Ebola Virus(1)
Endothelial cell membrane, traces of degraded, yet functional, TM detected in human urine and plasma(1)
Equine Serum(1)
Equine/Horse Heart(1)
Feline/Cat Serum(1)
Fresh Human Plasma(1)
Fresh, non-frozen Human Plasma(1)
Full length native Human Prealbumin purified from human plasma(1)
Gliocladium roseum(1)
Goat serum IgG digested with papain(2)
Guinea Pig Heart(1)
Guinea pig liver(1)
Hamster plasma(1)
HEK293T cells(1)
HeLa cells(2)
Helix pomatia(1)
Herpes simplex virus(1)
Honey bee venom(1)
Horse Heart(1)
Horse Serum(2)
Human Ascites Fluid(1)
Human Azurophil Granules(1)
Human Bence Jones Urine(2)
Human Bence JonesUrine(1)
Human blood(3)
Human Brain(3)
human breast milk(2)
Human cardiac tissue(3)
Human Cardiac Tissues(1)
Human Cell Culture(1)
Human cell line(1)
Human Colostrum(1)
Human Cord Blood(3)
Human cord serum(1)
Human cytotoxic granules of YT cells(1)
human embryo kidney(1)
Human Embryonic Kidney cells(2)
Human Eosinophils(2)
Human epithelial ovarian cancer cell culture supernatant(1)
Human Eryrthrocyte(1)
Human Erythrocyte(5)
Human Erythrocytes(14)
Human Erythrocytes (Red Blood Cells)(1)
Human fetal cord serum(1)
Human Fibroblasts(4)
Human Fluid(1)
Human fluids(3)
Human foreskin fibroblasts(1)
Human Gastric Mucosa(1)
Human Heart(26)
Human heart tissue(3)
Human joint cartilage(2)
Human Kidney(2)
Human Liver(22)
Human liver Metastasis of colon adenocarcinoma(1)
Human Lung(1)
Human Metastatic Liver Carcinoma(3)
Human Milk(1)
Human Myeloma Plasma(19)
Human Myeloma Plasma, Lambda(1)
Human nasal septum(1)
Human Neutrophil(12)
Human neutrophil granulocytes (Buffy Coat)(6)
Human Neutrophils(10)
Human Pancreas(11)
Human Phoresis Plasma(1)
human pituitary(1)
Human Pituitary Gland(5)
Human pituitary glands(1)
Human pituitaryglands(2)
Human Placenta(9)
Human plasm(7)
Human Plasma(234)
Human plasma.Prepared from plasma shown to be non-reactive for HBsAg, anti-HCV, anti-HBc, and negative for anti-HIV 1 & 2 by FDA approved tests(1)
Human Platelet(4)
Human platelets(3)
Human Pleural Fluid(2)
Human pooled serum(2)
Human Pregancy Urine(2)
Human pregnancy urine(2)
Human pregnancyplasma(1)
Human pregnancyurine(3)
Human Red Blood Cells(1)
Human Saliva(4)
Human Seminal Fluid(7)
Human septum cartilage(1)
Human serum(27)
Human serum IgG(1)
Human serum IgG digested with papain(1)
Human serum/plasma(2)
Human skeletalmuscle(1)
Human skin(1)
Human spleen(1)
Human sputum(1)
Human synovial fibroblasts(1)
Human tendon(1)
Human Thyroid Glands(2)
Human Thyroid Tissue(1)
Human Thyroids(1)
Human tissue(5)
Human Tissue Culture(2)
Human Tissue Culture Cell Line(2)
Human Urine(12)
Human Urine - chronic protein renal tubular proteinuria(1)
Human urine frompatients with tubular proteinuria(1)
Human whole blood(2)
HumanPleural fluid(1)
Humanseminal fluid(2)
Lysobacter enzymogenes(1)
Megathura crenulata, Giant keyhole limpet(2)
Milk, also secreted by stimulated macrophages, vascular smooth muscle, endothelial cells(2)
Monkey plasma(2)
mouse central nervous system tissue(1)
Mouse Fibroblast(1)
Mouse Heart(2)
Mouse Liver(1)
mouse plasma(13)
Mouse Red Blood Cells(2)
Mouse Serum(10)
Mouse serum IgG digested with papain(1)
Mouse Skeletal Muscle(1)
Mouse sternum(1)
mouse submaxillaries(1)
Mouse Submaxillary Gland(1)
Mouse submaxillary glands(1)
Normal human serum(1)
Normal human serum (shown by certified tests to be negative for HBsAg and for antibodies to HCV, HIV-1 and HIV-II)(2)
Normal human serum (shown by certified tests to be negative for HBsAg, HTLV-I/II, STS and for antibodies to HCV, HIV-1 and HIV-II)(6)
Normal human serum (shown by certified tests to be negative for HBsAg, HTLV-I/II, STS, and for antibodies to HCV, HIV-1 and HIV-II)(4)
Normal Rhesus Monkey Serum(1)
Normal serum(1)
Ovine Testis(2)
Photinus pyralis (firefly)(1)
Pig Blood(1)
Pig Brain(1)
Pig Liver(2)
Pig Pancreas(2)
Pig plasma(1)
Pituitary Gland(2)
Placental Tissue(1)
Pooled human plasma(1)
Pooled normal human serum(1)
Porcine (Pig) Liver(2)
Porcine (pig) Pancreas(1)
Porcine Erythrocytes(2)
Porcine Gall Bladder(1)
Porcine Heart(9)
Porcine Intestinal Mucosa(1)
Porcine Kidney(6)
Porcine Muscle(1)
Porcine Pancreas(5)
Porcine pituitaries(1)
porcine pituitary(1)
Porcine plasma(6)
Porcine Serum(1)
Porcine Stomach(2)
Porcine Stomach Mucosa(1)
Porcine Urine(1)
Post-Menopausal Human Urine(1)
Prepared from donor monkeys that have been individually tested for B-Virus (Herpes Virus Simiae) and found to be negative(1)
Prepared from guinea pig plasma obtained from a USDA certified collection center(1)
Prepared from Rat Plasma(1)
Procine Blood(1)
Propionibacterium shermanii(1)
Pseudomonas sp(2)
Purified from Arachis hypogaea seed(2)
Purified from Bovine milk(2)
Purified from Bovine plasma(1)
Purified from Bovine serum(2)
Purified from chicken egg white(4)
Purified from chicken egg yolk(1)
Purified from Chicken serum(2)
Purified from Guinea Pig erythrocytes(1)
Purified from Horse serum(1)
Purified from Human erythrocytes(1)
Purified from human milk(1)
purified from Human Plasma(1)
Purified from human serum(1)
Purified from humanamniotic fluid of individuals that have been shown by certified tests to benegative for hepatitis(1)
Purified from Mouse erythrocytes(1)
Purified from Mouse Serum(1)
Purified from mouse skeletal muscle(1)
Purified from Pigeon Serum(1)
Purified from pooled normal Bovine serum(2)
Purified from pooled normal Canine serum(1)
Purified from pooled normal goat serum(1)
Purified from pooled normal guinea pig serum(1)
Purified from pooled normal horse serum(1)
Purified from pooled normal human serum(1)
Purified from pooled normal mouse serum(4)
Purified from pooled normal porcine serum(2)
Purified from pooled normal rat serum(1)
Purified from pooled normal sheep serum(1)
Purified from rabbit erythrocyte(1)
Purified from Rabbit plasma(1)
Purified from Rabbit serum(2)
Purified from Rabbit skeletal muscle(1)
Purified from Rat serum(1)
Purified from sheep serum(2)
Purified from spinach leaf(1)
Purified from Streptococcus hemolyticus(1)
Purified from theurine of patients with chronic renal tubular proteinuria(1)
Purified from wheat seed(1)
Purified frome rat serum(1)
Pyrococcus furiosus(1)
Rabbit Heart(1)
Rabbit Muscle(4)
Rabbit Plasma(12)
Rabbit Serum(2)
Rabbit serum IgG(2)
Rabbit Skeletal Muscle(4)
Rat Heart(2)
Rat Liver(3)
Rat pancreas(1)
Rat plasma(23)
Rat Serum(10)
Rat serum IgG digested with papain(2)
Rat Skeletal Muscle(1)
Rhesus Monkey Serum(3)
S. aureus(2)
Saponaria officinalis(1)
sheep pituitary(2)
Sheep plasma(2)
Sheep serum(1)
Snake venom(3)
Sprague-Dawley Rat Plasma(1)
Staphylococcus staphylolyticus(1)
Streptococcus sp(1)
Streptomyces chromofuscus(1)
Streptomyces griseus(1)
Streptomyces sp(1)
Sweet Almonds(1)
Sweet Potato(1)
Urine of post-menopausal women(5)
Urine ofpost-menopausal women(1)
Vibrio fischeri(1)
Vibrio sp(1)
Vipera Echis Carinatus(1)
Vipera Russelli Russelli(2)
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