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Site-Saturation Mutagenesis

Site-Saturation Mutagenesis Service at Creative BioMart systematically replaces WT amino acid coding sequences with all 19 non–wild type amino acids at the position(s) you specify. Well-known as sequential permutation, site-saturation mutagenesis in combination with a powerful screening assay is the most systematic mutation strategy to identify amino acid substitutions that fulfill your protein engineering goals .

Site-Saturation Mutagenesis Service

Creative BioMart offer several options for sequential permutation to fit a wide array of research needs. You can choose to create variants at one or more positions, and receive constructs individually or pooled. We can carry out:

  • Variant constructs are subcloned into the vector of your choice.
  • Constructs are sequence-verified .
  • Pooled constructs are bulk-sequenced to verify mutation at the requested positions and the nonmutated regions intact.
  • Delivery of all 19 non-WT variants at single or multiple site.


  • Identify beneficial or detrimental amino acid substitutions.
  • Increase affinity, specificity, activity, heat stability, detergent tolerance.
  • Change substrate specificity
  • Reduce homology between two related proteins (avoid IP issues).
  • Identify active sites or receptor-binding sites.

To conclude, our main advantages:

  • Unique control over mutational bias.
  • Increased consecutive mutations leading to unexplored protein variants diversity.
  • Systematic identification of beneficial amino acid substitutions—check every possible variant at each position.
  • Simple and fast library generation.
  • Extremely cost-efficient.
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