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Site-Saturation Mutagenesis
The GenePowerTM Site-Saturation Mutagenesis Service systematically replaces wild type amino acid coding sequences with sequences encoding all 19 non–wild type amino acids at the position(s) you specify.

Also known as sequential permutation, site-saturation mutagenesis in combination with a powerful screening assay is the most systematic mutation strategy to identify amino acid substitutions that fulfill your protein engineering goals.

Once you've identified variants with beneficial substitutions, the The GenePowerTM Combinatorial Library Service can be used to create material for more targeted directed-evolution experiments to further optimize your protein.

• Identify beneficial or detrimental amino acid substitutions
• Increase affinity, specificity, activity, heat stability, detergent tolerance, etc.
• Change substrate specificity or enantioselectivity
• Reduce homology between two related proteins (avoid IP issues)
• Identify active sites or receptor-binding sites

• Systematic identification of beneficial amino acid substitutions—check every possible variant at each position
• Structural information about the protein is not needed, but it can be beneficial
• Fewer variants to screen—no oversampling is required when all clones are delivered in separate tubes
• Fast delivery times—get your project moving quickly
• Extremely cost-efficient