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BioMart's CoQ10(Coenzyme Q10, Ubidecarenone), widely existing in the hearts and other organs of humans and animals, is a part of the mitochondrial electron transport system. It is essential to the production of body energy, increase of biological activity and improvement of cardiovascular system.

CoQ10 Powder

Conform with USP32, EP6, JP14, CP2005

Ubiquinol (Reduced CoQ10)


CoQ10 CWS (L-NanoQ10/S-NanoQ10)

L-NanoQ10: 8%, Powder/beadlets, acid-resistant, salt-resisant, highly dispersed as clearly nano solution, can be used in drinks, jelly and others.

S-NanoQ10: 8%, Powder/beadlets, self-emulsified in stomach, can be used in solid preparations with high bioavailability.

CoQ10 Beadlets

Excellent solubility, high availability

Used for tablets, capsules, granulars, etc

10%, 20%, 40%

CoQ10 oral disintegrating tablet premix

Flash release technology

Disintegration orally within a few seconds

Fast absorption in mouth and stomach with high bioavailability

Pleasant taste

Oral administration without water


CoQ10 and Red Yeast Rice Extract nano capsule premix

CoQ10 and statins in red yeast which have the function of health care for cardiovascular system are natural active substances, however, they have difference on the mechanisms and physiological actions. Studies show that while the statin drug effects, it inhibits the biological synthesis of CoQ10. The long term administration of the statin drugs by the sufferers causes the reduction of CoQ10 and many side effects happen such as the damage of liver, kidney and muscle. Therefore, it's a feasible way clinically to treat the sufferers who are taking statin drugs with adjuvant CoQ10. However, the two product are used separately in the market now.


This premix is Nano particle (Nanobag) and each nano particle is coated by red yeast extract with CoQ10 inside.

Water dispersible easily with high bioavailability.

Cardiovascular system function Improved obviously

Application: Used for granulars, capsules, tablets and beverage additives


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