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Protein Expression and Purification Services
Creative Biomart is committed to providing advanced tools for protein expression and purification. As a leading supplier for reagents in the biotechnology field, we understand the importance of convenient and easy-to-use systems for high level expression and sample purification. We invite you to review our growing range of expression systems resulting from our experience in cloning, overexpression and purification.

We offer extensive expertise across four expression systems for producing your recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, vaccine antigens or disease biomarkers. Whether for structural studies, functional assays, target validation or high throughput screens, Creative Biomart can help.

Bacterial expression systems (E. coli / Bacillus)

Yeast expression systems (P pastoris / S cerevisiae)

Baculovirus-insect cell expression systems

Mammalian expression systems (CHO / 293)

Creative Biomart has a long history in recombinant protein expression, and has developed a breadth of knowledge that serves as a valuable resource for customers. Often a well-timed piece of advice is enough to fix experimental troubles. But for more difficult problems—or for simply streamlining the process and improving yield—our portfolio of expression technologies offers a variety of solutions, we have never encountered a protein that we could not produce.


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