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Creative BioMart Improved Its Biomarker Service

New York, May 25, 2015-Creative BioMart is pleased to announce that now it can provide improved biomarker service for drug development.

Creative BioMart has been providing biomarker services for several years. The company is growing rapidly these years. And with the introduction of more advanced facilities and the number of personnel in the scientific team increased, Creative BioMart has expanded and improved its biomarker services. The updated services can provide better experience for its customers’ drug discovery and development programs.

Years of experience and industry leadership in developing and performing immunoassays on human and animal specimens has made
Creative BioMart a leading and very competitive company in the same field. The improved biomarker services enable the company to provide services including Custom assay development and validation, biomarker immonoassays, genomics analysis, proteomics and sample analysis on diverse platforms.
“Upon the update of novel biomarker services, customers can benefit more. Like the quality, our stringent quality assurance program evaluates all study activities including performance, control results, standard operating procedure, equipment and personnel.” said the chief marketing staff Linna.

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