To support our customers in the advancement of epigenetic research, unique products provided by Creative BioMart allow your assays much simpler, faster, more convenient, and more efficient than currently available products.

  • Proteins & Enzymes

    Creative BioMart provides various kinds of kits from individual one to full package, which are essential in the experimental workflow of epigenetic research with convenience, flexibility, and reliability.

  • Antibodies

    Well-characterized and highly validated antibodies from Creative BioMart are suitable for DNA modification analysis, RNA analysis, histone analysis as well as chromatin remodeling research.

  • Synthetic Peptides

    Epigenetic-related peptides synthesized and characterized using advanced techniques can be used in epigenetic drug research, especially for small molecular inhibitors screening.

  • Bioactive Small Molecules

    Small molecules targeting proteins or enzymes involved in epigenetic modification are useful for investigating the physiological consequences caused by epigenetic modification and accelerating drug discovery.

  • Cell Lines

    Creative BioMart is capable of developing numerous stable cell lines that are extremely useful in the study of gene activation, protein interactions, and other biological processes in a relatively natural system and thus employed in a wide range of epigenetics-related applications.

  • Nucleosomes

    Recombinant and native nucleosomes are suitable for use as substrates in enzyme screening assays, structural studies, or effector protein binding experiments.

  • Extracts & Lysates

    Extracts and lysates from the nucleus, cytoplasm, whole-cell, over-expression cell and so on, can be applied as a control for various epigenetic exploring purposes, such as Western blotting.

  • Research Kits

    Creative BioMart provides various kinds of kits including individual one and full package, which are essential in the experimental workflow of epigenetic research with convenience, flexibility, and reliability.


Creative BioMart is a dedicated supplier to offer life science researchers worldwide a wide range of service capabilities in epigenetic research, providing our clients with the confidence and success needed via professional assistance to achieve optimal results.


Accompanied with continuously ongoing researches that reveal the role of epigenetics in a variety of human disorders and fatal diseases, Creative BioMart is dedicated to developing and providing comprehensive portfolio of products and innovative technologic solutions for your epigenetics relevant analyses to understand epigenetic mechanisms, develop epigenetics-related drugs, investigate transgenerational epigenetics, recognize epigenetic biomarker, and so on.
• Professional and experienced scientist team
• Pioneering technologies and high-tech instruments
• Wide varieties of products to meet different demands
• Scientifically proficient, highly tailored and advanced services
• Rigorous quality assurance
• Trustworthy supplier and partner

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Epigenetics aims at investigating the heritable changes in gene expression without inducing underlying changes in DNA sequence, which is considered as a change in phenotype without a change in genotype, in turn affecting the manner of cells reading genes.


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