Global RNA 5mC Quantification

Global RNA 5mC Quantification service is provided by Creative BioMart to detect the whole 5mC modification level of RNA samples or transcriptome by fluorescence intensity measured. By identifying and analyzing Global RNA 5mC, you can get large number of biological information you want.

5-Methylcytosine (5mC) in DNA is the covalent combination of a methyl group and a 5-carbon on the cytosine by DNA methyltransferase. This biological process has been well studied and scientists believe it is often involved in inhibition of gene expression. At the same time, related studies have found that 5mC also occurs in various human RNA molecules, including tRNA, rRNA, mRNA and non-coding RNA (ncRNA), especially 5mC can be enriched in ncRNA. The 5mC methylation level is variable in various eukaryotic genomes, ranging from about 0.1-0.45% of total RNA in human cells to undetectable amounts in some insect cells. Currently, two different RNA methyltransferases, NSUN2 and Dnmt2, are known to catalyze the 5mC methylation modification of RNA in eukaryotic cells. RNA cytosine methylation affects the regulation of various biological activities, such as RNA stability and mRNA translation, as well as the ability to stabilize the secondary structure of tRNA and to enhance codon recognition. Therefore, the study of 5mC methylation modification in RNA from the overall level can better cope with various physiological problems and related diseases caused by 5mC abnormalities.

Global RNA 5mC quantification enables quantitative measurement of 5mC RNA methylation in samples. In the assay, RNA samples are combined with materials that have a high nucleic acid affinity after specific treatment. The 5mC level of global RNA is detected and captured by antibody, and then fluorescence is measured in a spectrophotometer. The percentage of 5mC modified RNA to total RNA is proportional to the measured fluorescence intensity.

Global RNA 5mC Quantification Workflow

  1. Preparation of RNA samples
  2. RNA binding and antibody-based processing of samples
  3. 5mC RNA detection and signal measurement
  4. Signal detection and 5mC% Calculation

Diagram of Global RNA 5mC Quantification workflow

Fig 1. Diagram of Global RNA 5mC Quantification workflow

Advantages of Creative BioMart

  1. One-stop service: Customers only need to provide tissue, cell, body fluid samples or RNA, and Creative BioMart will complete a full global RNA 5mC quantification experiment.
  2. Strict quality control: Creative BioMart has strict quality control for each step of global RNA 5mC quantification experiment to ensure that customers receive quality data.
  3. Professional bioinformatics analysis: Creative BioMart has a professional bioinformatics analysis team to help customers fully explore experimental data.

Creative BioMart is now providing efficient, cost-effective, accurate, and sensitive global RNA 5mC quantification service by fluorometric method for your targeted RNA 5mC methylation studies to promote your research process. Please contact us for more information or a detailed quote.

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