Long Non-coding RNA Sequencing Service

Long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) is functionally important to organisms, and numerous biological functions of lncRNA have been discovered in mammals and plants, including nucleosome repositioning, chromatin remodeling, transcriptional control, and transcriptional/post-transcriptional regulation. In addition, lncRNA is also involved in disease occurrence and development, genomic imprinting and developmental regulation. The application of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology has greatly facilitated the discovery and functional analysis of lncRNA. As a leading provider of epigenetic research services, with a wealth of experience and a state-of-the-art technology platform, Creative BioMart provides our customers with a cost-effective lncRNA sequencing service.

What Is Long Non-coding RNA?

LncRNA is a transcript that does not encode a protein, typically greater than 200 nt and up to 10,000 nt in length. LncRNAs are widely distributed in organisms, and LncRNA transcripts accounts for the majority of the non-coding transcriptome. For example, in mouse transcripts, there are 180,000 transcripts in mice, but only approximately 20,000 transcripts are transcribed into proteins, and another ~160,000 transcripts belong to lncRNA. Based on the location and orientation of transcription associated with other genes, lncRNAs can be classified into different subtypes (including antisense, intergenic, overlapping, intronic, bidirectional, and processed).

LncRNA is similar to messenger RNA (mRNA) because it is usually transcribed from active chromatin, polyadenylated, and capped. However, lncRNA dose not guide protein biosynthesis. Early studies thought lncRNA should be mutated in mRNA and therefore not transcribed into protein, but more and more studies have shown that lncRNA is involved in many gene regulation processes related to disease progression, among which lncRNA is differentially expressed in various types of cancer, including leukemia, breast cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and so on. And other diseases in which lncRNA is dysregulated include cardiovascular diseases, neurological disease, and immune-mediated diseases. After a large number of studies on lncRNA, it is found that the gene regulation mechanism in organisms is far more complicated than we expected. With the deepening of studies, lncRNAs involved in the development process are also discovered, such as Braveheart (Bvht), which is an important lncRNA molecule to maintain heart development in mammals.

Schematic illustration of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) functions

Figure 1. Schematic illustration of lncRNA functions (Mercer T R.; et al. 2009)

Applications of Long Non-coding RNA Sequencing

  1. Identify known and novel lncRNA functions
  2. Single-base resolution lncRNA analysis is allowed across a wide dynamic range
  3. Explore new biomarkers and post-transcriptional regulatory networks associated with lncRNA

Our Advantages

  1. Tolerance of multiple sample types: we accept a wide range of biological and clinical samples including total RNA without degradation or DNA contamination, cells and tissues. Sample sources include human, animals, as well as plants.
  2. One-stop service: customers only need to provide samples, and Creative BioMart completes a full lncRNA sequencing experiment, including project consultation, experimental design, experimental execution and data analysis, as well as troubleshooting during the experiment. The final report you will receive includes a complete experimental protocol, raw data, analytical data, and a summary of the result analysis.
  3. Reliable data quality: we stringently control each step in the lncRNA sequencing workflow to ensure access to unsurpassed data quality with a guaranteed Q30 score ≥ 80% that exceeds Illumina’s official guarantee.
  4. Professional bioinformatics analysis: we have a professional technical team of bioinformatics analysis to provide you with both standard data analyses and customized bioinformatics analyses.

Workflow of Long Non-coding RNA Sequencing at Creative BioMart

Workflow of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) sequencing service at Creative BioMart

Figure 2. Workflow of lncRNA sequencing service at Creative BioMart

With the help of our experienced experts, Creative BioMart is capable of providing customers worldwide the high-quality lncRNA sequencing service with first-class technical platform, quick turnaround, and uncompromising quality results. Creative BioMart is a reliable partner that can work with you to accelerate the speed to achieve your research goals. If you have any special requirements in our lncRNA sequencing service, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to working together with your attractive projects.

1. Mercer T R.; et al. Long non-coding RNAs: insights into functions. Nature Reviews Genetics. 2009, 10(3): 155-159.

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