Bioinformatics Solutions for Epigenetics

Have you performed high-throughput sequencing/chip detection/mass spectrometry on your samples and have raw data files to analyze? Creative BioMart now can provide researchers with the data processing tools and analysis package, which are necessary for epigenetics research, so as to effectively analyze, manage and mine data. Creative BioMart‘ bioinformatics solutions can be offered as a separate service or in conjunction with other biotechnology services. We offer a variety of flexible, customizable service options to help you collect, read and process data more easily and in less time, and to obtain expected and targeted research results.

As a powerful tool, bioinformatics can help the biologists to increase the understanding of biological processes with computationally intensive techniques, for pattern recognition, data mining, machine learning algorithms, and visualization.

What Can You Expect from Creative BioMart?

Category Examples of Bioinformatics Solutions
  1. DNA Methylation/Hydroxymethylation Analysis
  2. ChIP-Seq Analysis
  3. Identification and Quantitative Analysis of Differential Binding
  4. Discovery and Annotation of Promoters
  5. Hi-C Data Analysis
  6. Histone Post-translational Modification
  7. Integration with Transcriptomics and Genomics Data
  1. MeRIP-Seq Analysis
  2. Identification of Chemical Modifications to RNA
  3. Non-coding RNA Function Prediction
  4. Molecular Regulatory Networks Analysis

Advantages of Choosing Creative BioMart

  1. Long-term experience accumulation: we have an experienced bioinformatics expert group, and our bioinformatics experts will provide you with technical support.
  2. Cost-effective: our high-quality bioinformatics solutions have competitive prices and short turnaround time, and guarantee data privacy and security.
  3. Custom workflow: flexibility to customize the analysis services that meet the needs of your project. Comprehensive data tailored to the customer’s research goals and personalized technical support for interpretation purposes.
  4. Advanced & Mature analysis pipeline: we have different mainstream data analysis pipelines for different research techniques or research objects.
  5. Integrated analysis of data: by combining all the methods we use, we can integrate data from separate studies and create software solutions to store, display, and integrate data independently.

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Bioinformatics Solutions for Epigenetics

Want to learn more about our bioinformatics services for epigenetics, or are you interested in customizing your research project? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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