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To date, more than 100 kinds of RNA modifications have been found in vivo, among which m6A (N6-methyladenosine) modification is the most prevalent epigenetic modification of RNA level in eukaryotes, accounting for 80% of RNA methylation.

In the early 1970s, m6A modification has been found in eukaryotic mRNA and lncRNA. It is known that methylation in the mRNA 5’ UTR region plays an important role in mRNA splicing, editing, stability, degradation and polyadenylation, while the methylation in the 3’ UTR region contributes to nuclear export of mRNA, translation initiation, and maintenance of mRNA structural stability along with the poly (A)-binding protein.

m6A modification is simultaneously regulated by methyltransferases (METTL3, METTL14, WTAP, etc.), demethylases (FTO, ALKBH5, etc.) and some RNA-binding proteins (YTHDF1/2/3, ELAVL1, etc.), and is a dynamic reversible process within cells.

Creative BioMart has the ability to provide proteins and enzymes associated with the RNA epigenetic modification, such as methyltransferases (Writers), demethylases (Erasers), and reader proteins (Readers).

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