Histone PTMs Identification

A huge library of histone post-translational modifications (PTMs) have been described, while the association between the function and modification type still has not been elaborately clarified. It is collectively thought that histone modifications may underlie a histone code, whereby combinational PTMs of histone demonstrate particular significances. Nevertheless, most functional data is associated with individual prominent histone PTMs that are biochemically amenable to detailed study. Abnormal histone modifications are involved in a variety of diseases like cancer, inflammation, neurological diseases and autoimmune disorders. The modification of histone in different physiological states, different subcellular localization, and different amino acid sites may lead to different functions. Currently, PTMs of histone is a hot but difficult research topic. It is an essential part to identify histone PTMs patterns for the understanding of its role as an epigenetic mark in gene activation and silencing, histone modification-associated pathological disease processes, as well as the development of histone modification-targeted drugs.

Creative BioMart has the capacity to conduct qualitative analysis for modified histones in the purified or complex protein samples as accurately as possible. Creative BioMart uses mass spectrometry (MS) platform to provide perfect solutions for the identification of histone modification. To identify more PTM information of histones, different enzymes are used to digest the protein samples during the enzyme digestion process, which improves the coverage of peptide segments in the process of mass spectrometry analysis and excludes the loss of histone PTM information caused by inappropriate length of peptide segments and low ionization efficiency. We are responsible for all follow-up issues, providing histone modification methods and identifying modification sites.

Principle & Workflow of Histone PTMs Identification

The basic principle for the identification of histone post-translational modification by mass spectrometry is the change of molecular weight before and after modification. Compared with histones that have not been modified, histones suffered with PTMs hold increased molecular weight at a particular sequence. PTMs of histone can be detected by high-precision mass spectrometry that can distinguish the changes of molecular weight, to further confirm modification type and site. Therefore, as long as we know the precise changes of molecular weight before and after modification, we can help you to identify any histone PTMs.

Workflow of identification of histone post-translational modifications (PTMs)

Figure 1. Workflow of histone PTMs identification.

Advantages of Our Technique

  1. Avoiding the danger of radioactivity in comparison with traditional methods
  2. High sensitivity and accuracy

Sample Requirements
SDS-pAGE Strip: silver staining strip and coomassie brilliant blue staining strip.
protein solution: the total amount of protein should be more than 5 μg, and the concentration should be more than 0.1 μg/μL.

Creative BioMart has been engaged in qualitative assays of histone PTMs for a long time. The remarkable knowledge and expertise in proteomics provide robust support for our first-in-class services, which have earned trust of thousands of customers on account of unique advantages and excellent quality. At Creative BioMart, the experiment is specially designed to fit your specific need, and accurately calibrated using standard control. All you need to do is to tell us the purpose of your experiment and send us your samples. please feel free to contact us.

Karch, K. R.; et al. Identification and quantification of histone PTMs using high-resolution mass spectrometry. Methods Enzymol. 2016, 574:3–29.

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