Chromatin Remodeling Proteins

The chromatin remodeling factor is a significant component of epigenetic regulation. In eukaryotic cells, different chromatin remodeling factors are localized to specific nucleosomes at a particular time, and regulate chromatin structure by altering the assembly, disassembly, and rearrangement of nucleosomes on chromatin, thereby improving the accessibility of nucleosomal DNA to transcription-related factors and ensuring the precise operation of various biological processes within cells. When the chromatin structure tends to be loose under the action of chromatin remodeling factors, the accessibility of chromatin DNA to RNA polymeraseⅡand transcription factors is increased, so as to initiate gene transcription. Conversely, as chromatin structure becomes denser, RNA polymeraseⅡand transcription factors are less accessible to chromatin DNA, thus inhibiting transcription of corresponding genes.

Moreover, chromatin remodeling factors can be roughly divided into four major families, SWI/SNF, ISWI, CHD, and INO80, according to the functional domains containing. Different chromatin remodeling factors have similarities in protein structure and enzyme activity, and each has its specificity.

Proteins associated with the chromatin remodeling process provided by Creative BioMart will be your excellent tools for studying epigenetic regulation.

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