DNA Damage Small Molecules

DNA Damage Small Molecules

To maintain stable genomes and avoid aging and diseases such as cancer, cells need to repair a variety of harmful DNA damage, which is constantly occurring in every cell. Chemical inhibition of the crucial DNA repair proteins and pharmacologically induced synthetic lethality have played a role in understanding complex DNA damage repair networks and as potential anti-cancer candidates. A wide range of studies have been performed to identify and analyze small-molecule inhibitors of DNA repair proteins, from PARP1 (a model case of clinically successful small-molecule inhibitors) to novel targets such as MRE11 nuclease, RAD51 recombinase, WRN DNA helicase and RAD52 DNA repair protein.

At Creative BioMart, we can not only provide small-molecule modulators involving epigenetic modifications, in order to meet the growing needs of clients in epigenetics research, we can also offer several off-the-shelf small-molecule modulators targeting PARP, ATM/ATR, topoisomerase, etc., for the research of DNA damage repair pathway. Please query our product list and find appropriate small-molecule modulators to facilitate your DNA damage repair research and drug screening. If your target is not in our catalog, please let us know and our scientists will do their best to meet your requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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