Synthetic Peptides

Peptides are a class of biological molecules consisting of short chains of amino acid monomers linked by peptide (amide) bonds. Creative BioMart synthesizes and characterizes a series of histone peptide/modified histone peptide/non-histone peptide with advanced techniques. These synthetic peptides can be used as immunogens to raise the corresponding crude serum. In negative control experiments, synthetic peptides can be used to block the corresponding antibodies. Moreover, some epigenetic peptides can be great tools to help you conduct enzyme activity studies and screen for specific enzyme inhibitors.

  • Using advanced synthesis techniques, Creative BioMart synthesizes and characterizes a series of histone peptides corresponding to amino acid sequences of different lengths of histones (H1, H2...

  • Creative BioMart offers a variety of modified histone peptide products and can also customize peptides according to your specific needs. These modified histone peptides can ...

  • At Creative BioMart, we can not only provide unmodified and modified histone synthetic peptides, in order to meet the growing demands of customers in epigenetics research, we also synthesize ...

Advantages of Our Synthetic Peptides:

  1. Comprehensive: A variety of peptides with different lengths and different labeling can be selected.
  2. High purity: Most of the peptides with > 90% purity as judged by HPLC analysis and/or mass spectrometry.
  3. Reliable quality: We adopt strict quality standards with rigorous quality control and validation using standardized protocols to ensure that our peptides are of high specificity.
  4. Customizable & Fast synthesis: Creative BioMart can also rapidly synthesize epigenetic peptides according to your exact requirements.

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