Custom Research Project Service

Creative BioMart is dedicated to lab services such as DNA methylation analysis, DNA methylation variants analysis, RNA methylation analysis, RNA-seq profiling, RNA-protein interaction analysis, chromatin analysis, histone post-translational modification analysis, epigenetic drug discovery. In addition to providing high-quality technical services, we can also provide customers with epigenetic overall project design, overall project implementation and overall project tracking services. Creative BioMart has many years of experience in experiment and project management, which will help your epigenetics research.

If you are interested in the research direction of epigenetics, Creative BioMart can provide you with one-stop research technical services, including project consultation, research project design, experiment outsourcing, data processing, and interpretation.

If you already have a certain research goal but lack mature technology platform, we will design a reasonable overall solution according to different research objectives, and allow transparent information sharing during project implementation, ensure coordinated decision-making and a high degree of flexibility, in order to quickly achieve your research goal.

Why Creative BioMart?

  1. Technical team: Creative BioMart focuses on the basic research and drug development associated with epigenetics. We have a strong technical team, and our professional and experienced technical team makes us an expert partner for your epigenetic research project.
  2. Technical platform: we have established an advanced and comprehensive epigenetic regulation research and epigenetic drug discovery technology service platform. Our integrated technology platform covers cutting-edge biotechnology such as second-generation sequencing, third-generation sequencing, single-cell technology, immunoprecipitation technology, gene chip technology, and mass spectrometry technology. Working with us, you can get everything you need under one roof.
  3. Quality assurance: each research project has technicians who are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the experimental results and the progress of the experiment. We are committed to building lasting partnerships that ensure a comprehensive and high-quality data package from every research we conduct.
  4. Flexible cooperation mode: we work extensively with researchers and companies from research institutions, biopharmaceutical, and diagnostic industries. Moreover, in order to fully protect the interests of customers, project costs can be paid in stages.
  5. Information security: Creative BioMart has independent personnel and independent experimental technology platform to ensure that customer data is not leaked.

Workflow of Custom Research Project Service

Workflow of Custom Research Project Service

Figure 1. Workflow of Custom Research Project Service

Please feel free to contact us for more information about our custom research project service.

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