Cell-based Epigenetic Assays

Epigenetic research shows enormous potential to progress therapy for oncology and the wide disease spectrum, and these epigenetic proteins known as readers, writers, and erasers are being targeted aggressively for novel drug development. A major challenge in studying epigenetic enzymes and their corresponding modifications is their existence in multiple protein complexes and the influence of complexes on their activity. The understanding of gene and protein functions, as well as the action mechanism of potential inhibitors in cellular processes requires the identification of both intended and unintended cellular pathways. Therefore, the ability to investigate these enzymes and to identify compounds to be translated into useful drugs in vivo is greatly expedited by the incorporation of cell-based assays with therapeutically relevant cell backgrounds. Screening in cell-based systems offers a precise representation of the real-life cell model and predicts the response of a drug on an organism by assessing the effects of a compound on cell viability, cell proliferation, or cytotoxicity that results in cell death, allowing us to make more informed decisions about which compounds advance and which need to be eliminated.

Cell-based Epigenetic Assays

Creative BioMart offers a comprehensive solution of cell-based assays for different epigenetic targets to enable the validation and identification of new epigenetic inhibitors based on potency, selectivity and in vitro efficacy with great accuracy and high throughput. Assays that study different aspects of cellular behavior and measure the content of key components in cells are commonly applied to monitor the health of cultured cells and their response to various stimuli. Targets of interest can be selected to identify hits or rank order of lead compounds based on intracellular binding and cellular potency. Our cell model systems based on powerful platforms could generate phenotypic signatures to gain insight into mechanism of action and efficacy/safety-related effects, thus optimizing therapeutic effects and allowing clinical translation of your programs. On the other hand, our ready-made and custom cell lines also function as powerful tools for oncology compound profiling, target validation, mechanism of biochemical reaction studies, and patient stratification.

Our service is flexible with multiple applications including high-throughput screening, lead discovery, lead optimization and structure-activity relationship analysis. Our professional scientists are skilled in the development and application of cell-based assays for biopharmaceutical discovery needs in an assortment of different cell and tissue types. Select from our growing menu of cell-based assays to create your own customized panel. We will work closely with you to design suitable solutions to address your scientific questions, and will aid you with data interpretation when needed, maximizing the success of your projects. Please contact us for more detailed information.

1. Hau, M.; et al. Cellular analysis of the action of epigenetic drugs and probes. Epigenetics. 2017, 12: 308-322.

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