The nucleosome is a complex composed of DNA and four pairs of histones (eight in total), including two groups of H2A and H2B dimers and two groups of H3 and H4 dimers. And the H1 is responsible for linking DNA between two nucleosomes.

At Creative BioMart, we offer a variety of native and recombinant nucleosomes. Whether it is with or without post-translational modifications (PTMs), or with histone variants, or with methylated DNA, you can find it here. We also can custom-produce according to your exact request if your target is not in our catalog. Our nucleosome products are suitable for use in enzyme kinetic studies, inhibitor screening, structural studies or as substrates for effector protein binding experiments and so on.

Advantages of Our Nucleosomes:

  1. Reliable quality & Broad source: High-quality native nucleosomes purified from eukaryotic nuclei or ultra-pure recombinant nucleosomes assembled in vitro.
  2. Extensive applications: Our nucleosome is an important tool for your in vitro chromatin assembly, the optimal choice for your epigenetic modifying enzyme assay and small-molecule inhibitor screening, and the ideal substrate to study structural changes induced by the histone variants and histone mutations.
  3. Cost-effective: Creative BioMart saves you precious time and effort by providing pre-assembled nucleosomes with competitive prices.



Cat.No. Product Name Species Tag Expression System Price
NUC-0001 Recombinant Nucleosome Human E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0002 Native Nucleosome (HeLa-derived) Human Inquiry
NUC-0003 Native Nucleosome (HEK293-derived) Human Inquiry
NUC-0004 Recombinant Nucleosome Human His-tag, Biotin E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0005 Nucleosomes (Chicken Oligo/Poly H5 Enriched) Chicken Inquiry
NUC-0006 Nucleosomes (Chicken Mono/Di) Chicken Inquiry
NUC-0007 Recombinant Tetranucleosomes H3.3 Human Inquiry
NUC-0008 Recombinant Mononucleosomes H3.3 Human Inquiry
NUC-0009 Nucleosomes (HeLa Oligo, Biotinylated) Human Biotin Inquiry
NUC-0010 Nucleosomes (HeLa Oligo) Human Inquiry
NUC-0011 Nucleosomes (HeLa Mono/Di) Human Inquiry
NUC-0012 Nucleosomes (ChickenOligo) Chicken Inquiry
NUC-0013 Recombinant Mononucleosomes Human Biotin E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0014 Recombinant Mononucleosomes Human E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0015 Recombinant Mononucleosomes (H3.1 ΔN32) Human Biotin E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0016 Recombinant Mononucleosomes (H3.1 N32) Human E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0017 Recombinant Mononucleosomes (H3.3 N32) Human Biotin E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0018 Recombinant Mononucleosomes (H3.3 ΔN32) Human E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0019 Recombinant Mononucleosomes (H4 ΔN15) Human Biotin E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0020 Recombinant Nucleosome, H2AR3me1 dNuc Human Biotin E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0021 Recombinant Nucleosome, H2AR3me2a dNuc Human Biotin E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0022 Recombinant Nucleosome, H3R2me1 dNuc Human Biotin E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0023 Recombinant Nucleosome, H3R2me2a dNuc Human Biotin E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0024 Recombinant Nucleosome, H3R2me2s dNuc Human E. coli Inquiry
NUC-0025 Recombinant Nucleosome, H3R8me1 dNuc Human Biotin E. coli Inquiry


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