Reader Domain Proteins

Brief Introduction

The protein that recognizes and binds to the specific epigenetic modification is called “reader”. For example, acetylated lysine can be selectively recognized by a reader protein motif called bromodomain. At least 43 bromodomain-containing proteins have been identified in the human genome, most of which are important transcriptional regulators. Certain human diseases have been found to be associated with mutations in the bromodomain. Although the bromodomain has received significant attention in biomedical research, abnormalities in other reader protein domains also have significant physiological effects.

Figure 1. Readers of histone post-translational modifications

At Creative BioMart, you can conveniently select various proteins with different epigenetic reader domains, including but not limited to bromodomain, chromodomain, malignant brain tumor (MBT) domain, plant homeodomain (PHD), YEATS domain, SET- and RING- associated (SRA) domain, and Tudor domain.

Musselman C A.; et al. Perceiving the epigenetic landscape through histone readers. Nature structural & molecular biology. 2012, 19(12): 1218-1227.

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