Histone Phosphorylation Modulators & Inhibitors

As a professional supplier of epigenetics products and services, Creative BioMart provides histone phosphorylation modulators and inhibitors in addition to bioactive small molecules for histone methylation and histone acetylation to meet the growing research needs of customers. These histone phosphorylation inhibitors can inhibit proteases and phosphatases and are suitable for studying diseases related to histone phosphorylation.

Phosphorylation can regulate the target protein in space and time. Reversible histone phosphorylation is associated with mitosis, chromosome condensation, DNA replication, transcriptional activation, apoptosis, and DNA damage. The widely concerned Aurora kinase family involved in histone phosphorylation is a kind of serine/threonine-specific protein kinase. The number of members of the family varies in different species. There are three members of the human Aurora kinase family, namely Aurora-A, Aurora-B and Aurora-C. Among them, Aurora-B can phosphorylate Ser10 and Ser28 of histone H3 to control chromosome condensation. Overexpression of Aurora-B was observed in a variety of tumor cells, resulting in up-regulation of H3 phosphorylation at Ser10. Therefore, Aurora-B is used as an attractive anti-cancer target to develop various small-molecule inhibitors.

Creative BioMart is committed to providing high-quality products and services to accelerate researches in the field of epigenetics. And the quality of our products is well known in both academic and industrial fields. You may further contact us for help if you have any trouble in finding products. These modulators and inhibitors are for research use only and cannot be directly used as drugs.

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