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Creative BioMart provides modulators and inhibitors for proteins and enzymes involved in DNA / histone demethylation. We can proudly guarantee that our small-molecule products are of high quality and high purity and are your ideal tool for studying epigenetic regulation mechanisms and epigenetic drug screening.

The process of removing methyl groups from histones by histone demethylases (HDMs) is defined as histone demethylation, which affects chromatin inactivation and gene expression. There are two main classes of HDMs: 1) flavin-adenine dinucleotide (FAD)-dependent family of amine oxidase; 2) Fe (II) and α-ketoglutarate-dependent hydroxylase. Modulators and inhibitors of HDMs can also be classified according to their specificity for different types of demethylases. Histone demethylation inhibitors inhibit HDM and provide information on diseases associated with histone demethylation, such as cancer.

Two Main Classes of Histone Demethylases (HDMs)
  1. FAD-dependent Family of Amine Oxidase
Lysine-specific demethylases (LSD) in this family can demethylate mono- or di-methylated substrates. LSD1 (also known as BHC110, KDM1A, or AOF2) was the first histone demethylase to be identified.
  1. Fe (II) and α-ketoglutarate-dependent Hydroxylase
The Jumonji C (JmjC) domain-containing lysine histone demethylases of this class can alter the methylation levels of histone tails by removing mono-, di-, or tri- methylation marks.

These modulators and inhibitors are suitable for enzymatic activity studies of demethylases and epigenetic drug screening. If you do not find the optimal bioactive small molecule in our product list, please do not hesitate to contact us and our scientists will offer solutions according to your exact requirements.

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