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At Creative BioMart, you can find a variety of bioactive small molecules associated with epigenetics research area, and our reader domain modulators and inhibitors have achieved high levels of customer satisfaction in epigenetic mechanism research and drug discovery.

Epigenetic regulators of gene expression and chromatin status include so-called writers, erasers, and readers of chromatin modifications. Characteristic examples of reader domains include bromodomain, chromodomain, malignant brain tumor (MBT) domain and plant homeodomain (PHD), all of which typically bind acetylated lysine, and the Tudor domain, which is usually associated with methylated lysine.

Research on epigenetic readers has been greatly influenced by the discovery of selective inhibitors of the Bromo and extra-C terminal domain (BET) family, which are readers of acetylated histone. It has been found that BET family proteins, as histone acetylation readers, can regulate the expression of key oncogenes and anti-apoptotic proteins, and are closely related to tumor and inflammatory diseases. Therefore, the study of specific inhibitors against BET bromodomain proteins has become a hotspot of anticancer drug research targeting epigenetic regulation mechanism.

These modulators and inhibitors are ideal tools for epigenetic drug discovery. If you do not find a suitable compound in our product list, please do not hesitate to contact us and our experts will provide solutions to meet your exact requirements.

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