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If your project focuses on determining how proteins interact with DNA to regulate gene expression, elucidating the complex pathways of genetic regulatory networks and epigenetic mechanisms in living cells, the high-quality chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing (ChIP-Seq) services provided by Creative BioMart will accelerate your research goal.

What Is ChIP-Seq?

ChIP-Seq is a genomics technique widely used to analyze protein-DNA interactions. It combines chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and massively parallel DNA sequencing to identify binding sites for DNA-interacting proteins and can be used to accurately map global binding sites for any protein of interest. Examples of DNA-interacting proteins include transcription factors (TFs), histones, and enzymes for DNA repair and modification. Compared to microarray-based ChIP-on-chips, ChIP-Seq provides higher resolution and more accurate and rich information. For ChIP-Seq, chromatin is isolated from cells or tissues and fragmented. The protein of interest and its bound DNA are then enriched by immunoprecipitation using antibodies specific for the protein. Subsequently, after dissociation of the enriched protein-DNA complex, the released DNA fragments are sequenced and aligned to a reference genome to determine the specific protein-binding locus.

Feature of ChIP-Seq

  1. Wide range of detection, genome-wide protein-DNA interaction study
  2. Offers compatibility with various input DNA samples, and low input DNA is allowed
  3. Cost-effective, less data is needed to identify binding sites across the whole genome
  4. Reveals gene regulatory networks in combination with RNA sequencing and methylation analysis

Applications of ChIP-Seq at Creative BioMart

Histone ChIP-Seq
Histone ChIP-Seq is sensitive to the histone content of chromatin, especially to the incorporation of specific post-translational histone modifications in chromatin.

Transcription factor ChIP-Seq
ChIP-Seq is widely utilized to identify and quantify the precise genomic DNA binding sites of specific transcription factors (TFs) and co-regulatory factors with high accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility.

Super-enhancer Profiling
“Super-enhancer” has been used to describe groups of putative enhancers in close genomic proximity with unusually high levels of Mediator binding, as measured by ChIP-Seq.

Pol II ChIP-Seq
RNA polymerase II (Pol II) ChIP-Seq is a valuable supplement to any TF or histone ChIP experiment, allowing researchers to correlate binding of TFs or histones with gene transcription.

Our technical team has developed FFPE ChIP-Seq, which is able to reliably extract soluble chromatin from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples for accurate detection of histone markers or transcription factors.

Our Advantages

  1. One-stop service: you only need to provide samples, and we will complete full ChIP-Seq experiment from cell preparation, chromatin isolation and shearing, ChIP, DNA purification, library preparation, on-machine sequencing to bioinformatics analysis. Project consultation is available free of charge if needed.
  2. Reliable data quality: we guarantee that more than 80% of bases with a ≥Q30 quality score, exceeding Illumina’s official guarantee of ≥ 75%.
  3. Professional data analysis: we provide data analysis on request. Standard ChIP-Seq analysis services include sequencing data quality control (QC), alignment and peak calling.

General Workflow of ChIP-Seq Service at Creative BioMart

General procedure of ChIP-Seq service at Creative BioMart

Figure 1. General procedure of ChIP-Seq service at Creative BioMart

Our expertise in genome-wide data generation and analysis would help you to expand your research capabilities in epigenetics. It is noteworthy that the conduction of quality control experiments at every critical step of our ChIP-Seq services contributes a lot to the high rate of project success. Creative BioMart is also a leading supplier of kits, reagents, and antibodies for the study of chromatin biology and epigenetics. contact us for more information about our ChIP-Seq service.

1. Peter J. Park. ChIP-Seq: advantages and challenges of a maturing technology. Nature Reviews Genetics. 2009, 10(10): 669-680.

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