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Real-time quantitative PCR is the quantitative analysis approach for unknown templates by adding fluorescent reagents into the PCR reaction system and using fluorescence signal accumulation to detect the progress of the PCR in real time. Real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR enables accurate, rapid, and highly repeatable quantification of the concentration of the starting template.

Creative BioMart perfectly combines real-time quantitative PCR technology with hydroxymethylation DNA immunoprecipitation (hMeDIP) technology. First, the hydroxymethylated DNA fragments are enriched by hMeDIP and then detected by real-time quantitative PCR. Finally, exact values of hydroxymethylation levels of the specific region or locus in samples are obtained through data analysis.

Features of hMeDIP-qPCR

  1. High specificity, real-time quantitative PCR primers are designed for gene promoters or CpG islands of interest
  2. Super wide linear range spanning seven orders of magnitude
  3. High sensitivity, high accuracy, and good repeatability
  4. Cost-effective technique

Advantages of Choosing Creative BioMart

  1. Tolerance of multiple sample types: we currently accept a wide range of biological and clinical samples including cells and tissues.
  2. Flexible and one-stop service: Creative BioMart offers flexible and one-stop services to meet our customer’s research needs. You only need to provide samples, and we will complete all the experimental operations (including hMeDIP and qPCR), as well as data analysis. The complete report is provided to you with both raw and analyzed data, graphs, detailed protocols, and a summary of findings.
  3. Strict quality control: Creative BioMart adds quality control (QC) at every critical step in hMeDIP-qPCR. Our most advanced technology and strict quality control ensure that our services and the final presentation of data are reliably performed and presented.
  4. Professional data analysis: At Creative BioMart, there is professional hMeDIP-qPCR data processing flow. a) The total input DNA sample is used as the template, and the specific primers of the gene to be tested are used for qPCR detection to obtain Ct (input); b) hMeDIP DNA sample is detected as a template to obtain Ct (IP); c) Calculate the efficiency of hMeDIP of the gene detected by the formula %(hMeDIP / Total input) = 2^[ Ct (input) – Ct (IP) ] × 100.

Workflow of hMeDIP-qPCR at Creative BioMart

Workflow of hMeDIP-qPCR at Creative BioMart

Figure 1. Workflow of hMeDIP-qPCR at Creative BioMart

Our integrated technology platform combines the experience of our scientists, the agility of our teams, and the transparency of our communications to provide an optimal solution for your epigenetic projects. Cooperating with Creative BioMart, you will find everything you need under one roof. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our hMeDIP-qPCR service.

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