Hi-C Sequencing

The high-through chromosome conformation capture (Hi-C) technique extends the chromosome conformation capture (3C) technique to map chromatin contacts across the genome, and it has been applied to the study of in situ chromatin interactions. Hi-C can be combined with RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, ATAC-Seq and other data for joint analysis, so as to elaborate the relevant mechanisms of the formation of biological traits from the perspective of gene regulatory networks and epigenetic networks. At Creative BioMart, we will provide you with the best Hi-C sequencing service to achieve your research goals.

What Is Hi-C Sequencing?

Hi-C is the genome-wide extension of 3C, which refers to the capture of chromosome conformation based on high-throughput technique. It can capture the spatial interaction information between different gene loci in the whole genome, obtain three-dimensional (3D) structure information of chromatin and study the DNA elements regulating genes in the 3D space.

Hi-C protocols require modification to the 3C library preparation. Namely, which biotinylated nucleotides are incorporated into the restriction overhangs before blunt-end ligation is carried out. The crosslinks are reversed, and the library is then fragmented, and the biotinylated ligation junctions are pulled-down by streptavidin beads. This enriches the sample for informative, hybrid molecules on a genome-wide scale. The pulled-down fragments are then analyzed by high-throughput sequencing.

Overview of Hi-C

Figure 1. Overview of Hi-C

Features of Hi-C Sequencing

  1. The first truly genome-wide technology derived from 3C and is suitable for testing all interactions, both specific and non-specific, so it is omnidirectional but with lower resolution
  2. Undifferentiated chromatin remote-interaction data can be generated for establishing the basic spatial structure of the 3D genome
  3. High-throughput approach

Advantages of Choosing Creative BioMart

  1. Extensive project experience: the technical team of Creative BioMart has a number of scientists who study 3D genomics. They have rich experience in cooperation and have participated in many international cutting-edge research projects.
  2. Flexible solutions: we provide one-stop, personalized overall solutions for researchers with different needs, including experimental design, sequencing strategy design, and subsequent customized bioinformatics analysis.
  3. Quality assurance: from sample preparation, library construction, on-machine sequencing, to data analysis, each step requires scientific and meticulous design to ensure high-quality research results.
  4. Advanced analytical capabilities: we rely on first-class next-generation sequencing and third-generation sequencing platforms to provide standard and advanced analysis of Hi-C sequencing. We can help you achieve whole-genome chromosomal haplotype construction, 3D structural remodeling, and regulatory element development. Moreover, we can also combine transcriptome, resequencing and ChIP-Seq data for joint analysis.

Workflow of Hi-C Sequencing Service at Creative BioMart

Workflow of Hi-C Sequencing Service at Creative BioMart

Figure 2. Workflow of Hi-C Sequencing Service at Creative BioMart

As a dedicated provider of epigenetic research services, Creative BioMart is looking forward to work closely with your team and accelerate your epigenetics project. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs. contact us for more information about our Hi-C sequencing service.

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