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Stem cell signaling pathways influence and control stem cell generation, self-renewal and differentiation. Proteins of stem cell signaling pathways maintain the stem cell niche which is responsible for maintaining stem cells in pluripotent form and enabling their self-renewal. There are several signaling pathways that decide the fate of stem cells. For example, Notch, Hedgehog and Wnt which are frequently dysregulated in cancer have also been linked with the regulation of stem cell self-renewal. In the Notch pathway, there are no secondary messengers and the binding ligands are transmembrane proteins as a relatively simple ligand binding receptors. Wnt pathway is involved in many aspects of cell proliferation and differentiation in body development and cellular repair. SMADs are essential for delivering signals of the transforming growth factor (TGF) beta at cell surface to the nucleus. In addition, there are other signals reducing differentiated cells to form embryonic-like stem cells such as transcription factors Nanog, Oct4 and Sox2, which control the expression of selected induction genes and are often used to obtain pluripotent cells. As a primary manufacturer of recombinant proteins, Creative Biomart provides stem cell signaling pathways related recombinant proteins of several sources, grades and formulations for research applications.

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