Fluorescent-labeled Recombinant Proteins

Fluorescent tag, also known as fluorescent label or fluorescent probe, is a molecule attached chemically to aid in detecting biomolecules such as a protein, antibody, or amino acid.

Conjugating fluorescent labels to proteins or other biomolecules is a common means of studying the relative structure and function. Fluorescent proteins have a wide range of applications, including immunohistochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), cell tracking, receptor labeling, and fluorescence spectroscopy.

Fluorescent proteins are advantageous due to the lack of free dye in solution, thus reducing the overall intensity changes observed with organic fluorophores. However, its large label size and limited labeling sites prevented efficient targeting.

Creative BioMart, a reliable partner that offers antigens for biological drug discovery and development, has invented a unique collection of PE-labeled and FITC-labeled proteins. These fluorescent-labeled proteins are used as robust tools for the detection of antibody screening and CAR expression using flow cytometry.


  • Identical binding capacity before and after conjugations
  • Bioactivity verified by flow cytometry and protocol offered
  • High batch-to-batch consistency
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