PEGylation Services

As a leading biotechnology services supplier, Creative BioMart offers synthetic polymer PEG modification and bioconjugation services on peptide/proteins, oligonucleotides, antibodies, lectins, enzymes, toxins, drugs or other small molecules for a variety of applications. With our expertise as a leader in the field of PEGylation, Creative BioMart can offer you a set of new technologies.

Common limits for therapeutic application of peptides and proteins are their chemical instability, their short circulation time in blood and their tendency to promote immunological response. Linking one or more PEG (polyethylene glycol) molecules to these peptides and proteins (PEGylation) have been proven to be a possible solution for these problems. This is achieved due to the combination of increased molecular weight and coverage of epitopes or blockage of sequences prone to enzymatic degradation.

PEGylation Services

PEGylation can be effective in:

  • Increased solubility and stability
  • Minimal loss of biological activity
  • Reducing Immunogenicity and toxic profile
  • Decreasing Frequency of Dosing, therefore minimizing side effects
  • Increased in vivo efficacy and clinical effectiveness;
  • Improving Bioavailability for small molecules
  • Maximizing Pharmacokinetics
  • Improving biocompatibility
  • Prolonging Blood Circulation
  • Reduced rate of kidney clearance

PEGylation service as a regular customer product

Creative BioMart offers a range of PEGylation technologies for your choice, which can be used with different molecular weight PEGs, in linear and branched formats. We PEGylate your molecular and deliver PEGylated product with a certificate of analysis.

PEGylation Services

PEGylation Services

Complete PEGylation method development service

Under this service model, we will provide PEGylated sample as well as the easily scalable and transferable PEGylation method development package. This package includes:

  • PEGylation feasibility study
  • Exploration and establishment of PEGylation process
  • Pilot production of PEG-drug conjugate
  • PEGylation screening and characterization of conjugates
  • Development and pre-validation of analytical methods
  • Process development of PEG-drug conjugate manufacturing
  • Investigation of PEGylated biosimilars

Creative BioMart's PEGylation services are tailored for each project to ensure the objectives are met. Our expert project teams are assigned to each study focusing on progressing projects through to results in the minimum amount of time.


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