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Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)

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Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) Background

About Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)

Cancer stem cells (CSC) are a subpopulation of tumor cells with stem cell properties of self-renewal and differentiation. Cancer stem cells may be target cells for malignant transformation, and tumor formation may be the result of disruption of stem cell self-renewal pathways. Epigenetic alterations and mutations in genes involved in signaling may promote the formation of cancer stem cells.CSCs have been identified in many solid tumors, including breast, brain, lung, prostate, testicular, ovarian, colon, skin, liver, and acute myeloid leukemia. The CSC theory not only elucidates tumorigenesis, progression, metastasis, and recurrence but also the conventional cancer treatments are ineffective.

CSCs are identified based on the expression of cell surface markers, which correlate with tumor type. The transition between CSCs and cancer cells and other non-CSCs occurs in cancer, which may be controlled by signals from CSCs and the tumor microenvironment (TME), including the CSC ecological niche. Cancer-associated fibroblasts are among the most influential cells in promoting CSC differentiation and non-CSC dedifferentiation to acquire a CSC-like phenotype.WNT/β-catenin, transforming growth factor-β, Hedgehog, and Notch are important signals for the maintenance of self-renewal in CSCs. Effective therapeutic strategies rely on targeting both CSCs and non-CSCs to eliminate possible opportunities for tumor recurrence. There are several approaches to targeting CSC, including immunotherapy, hormone therapy, (mi)siRNA delivery, and gene knockdown. Such approaches can be designed to inhibit CSC stemness, tumorigenic cues from TME, extrinsic and/or intrinsic CSC signaling, hypoxia, or promote cell differentiation. Since CSC shares some characteristics with normal stem/progenitor cells, it is important to target CSC based on the preferential expression of their unique markers and antigens.

Schematic diagram of stem cells and cancer stem cells (CSCs).Fig.1 Schematic diagram of stem cells and cancer stem cells (CSCs). Left panel: Normal stem cell proliferation and differentiation. Right panel: CSCs and tumorigenesis as well as implications of CSCs for cancer therapy. (Jiang W, et al., 2012)

Role of the Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)

Cancer stem cells (CSCs) may be involved in driving tumor dissemination and pathogenesis. Like normal stem cells (NSCs), CSCs can be identified by markers such as CD133, CD44, and ALDH. CSCs can self-renew and differentiate into different tumor components through stemness pathways such as Wnt, TGF-β, STAT, and Hippo-YAP/TAZ. In normal stem cells, stemness pathways are tightly regulated and control many important biological processes, including embryogenesis and intestinal cryptcell regulation. In contrast, stem cell pathways are significantly dysregulated in CSC. Combining existing drugs with targeting against these stemness pathways may significantly improve patient prognosis. This evidence describes the role of CSC in tumorigenesis, heterogeneity, treatment resistance, recurrence, and metastasis, as well as the potential to effectively treat patients.

Research Tools for Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs)

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Cancer Stem Cell Transcription Factors

Cancer Stem Cell Markers

Creative BioMart offers a wide range of products for the above growth factors/markers associated with cancer stem cells (CSCs), including, but not limited to, recombinant proteins, cell and tissue lysates, protein pre-coupled beads, antibodies, chromatography reagents, assay kits, and other products. Customized services are also available to meet specific research needs.

In addition to products and customization services, Creative BioMart provides resources on related pathways, protein functions, interacting proteins, articles, research areas, and more to support researchers in their studies. Please visit the product details page for more specific resources on cancer stem cells (CSCs).

Our Advantages

Our Advantages of Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) - Creative BioMart

We hope that this resource page will provide you with valuable insights into research in the field of cancer stem cells (CSCs). For more information or inquiries, please feel free to contact us.


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