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Title Author Year Journal Gene/Products
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy based immunosensor for ultrasensitive and selective detection of wild type p53 and mutant p53R175H Anna Rita Bizzarri, Ilaria Moscetti, Salvatore Cannistraro 2018 Analytica Chimica Acta TP53-185H, Wild type p53, arabbit polyclonal anti-p53 R175H antibody
Effects of calcium and pectin methylesterase on quality attributes and pectin morphology of jujube fruit under vacuum impregnation during storage Lifen Zhang, Pei Wang, Fusheng Chen, et al 2019 Food Chemistry PME
Emodin Attenuates Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis via Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Oxidative Activities in Rats Sheng-Lan Tian, Yang Yang, Xiao-Liu Liu, et al 2018 Med Sci Monit TGFB1-120H, Recombinant TGF-β1
Catalytic cleavage of disulfide bonds in small molecules and linkers of antibody-drug conjugates Donglu Zhang, Aimee Fourie-O'Donohue, Peter S Dragovich, et al 2019 Drug Metabolism and Disposition TXN-98H, GLRX-78H, Txnrd1-126R, Human GRX I, rat recombinant TRX, GRX 115 reductase
Carbon nanotube-based lateral flow immunoassay for ultrasensitive detection of proteins: application to the determination of IgG Wanwei Qiu, Kwaku Baryeh, Sunitha Takalkar, et al 2019 Microchimica Acta MGB2-158H, Human mammaglobin
Peptide selected by phage display increases survival of SH‐SY5Y neurons comparable to brain‐derived neurotrophic factor Fatemeh Nafian, Mohammad Javad Rasaee, Shahin Yazdani, et al 2018 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry NTRK2-158H, recombinant human NTRK2
Selection of DNA aptamers against Mycobacterium tuberculosis Ag85A, and its application in a graphene oxide-based fluorometric assay Najmeh Ansari, Kiarash Ghazvini, Mohammad Ramezani, et al 2018 Microchimica Acta fbpA-2023M, Recombinant FbpA protein of M.tuberculosis
Alginate microparticles loaded with basic fibroblast growth factor induce tissue coverage in a rat model of myelomeningocele James S Farrelly, Anthony H Bianchi, Adele SRicciardi, et al 2019 Journal of Pediatric Surgery FGF2-11H, bFGF
Amelioration of Uremic Toxin Indoxyl Sulfate-Induced Osteoblastic Calcification by SET Domain Containing Lysine Methyltransferase 7/9 Protein Chen J, Gu Y, Zhang H, et al 2019 Nephron recombinant human SET7/9
Surfactant Proteins-A and -D Attenuate LPS-Induced Apoptosis in Primary Intestinal Epithelial Cells (IECs) Zhang Linlin, Meng Qinghe, Yepuri Natesh, et al 2018 Shock: Injury, Inflammation, and Sepsis: Laboratory and Clinical Approaches ISSN 1073-2322 SFTPD-3868H, Recombinant human SP-D
Controlled JAGGED1 delivery induces human embryonic palate mesenchymal cells to form osteoblasts Jean De La Croix Ndong, Yvonne Stephenson, Michael E. Davis, et al 2017 Journal of Biomedical Materials Research JAG1-3138H, JAGGED1/Fc
Bone tissue engineering in the greater omentum is enhanced by a periosteal transplant in a miniature pig model Hendrik Naujokat, Maximilian Lipp, Yahya Açil, et al 2019 Regenerative Medicine BMP2-01H, rhBMP-2
Impact of carbonylation on glutathione peroxidase-1 activity in human hyperglycemic endothelial cells Cheryl S Sultana, Andrea Saackela, Antonia Stank, et al 2018 Redox Biology GPX1-1273H, recombinant GPx1
Population genetics of the collector urchin, Tripneustes gratilla, in the Indonesian archipelago Benjamin J. Wainwright, Irma S. Arlyza, Stephen A. Karl 2019 Marine Ecology CMC05, proteinase K
Truncated aptamers for total and glycated hemoglobin, and their integration into a graphene oxide-based fluorometric method for high-throughput screening for diabetes Abrar Yousef Almusharraf, Shimaa Eissa, Mohammed Zourob 2018 Microchimica Acta SMN1-1660HCL, Recombinant human survival motor neuron (SMN)motor neuron (SMN)
A fast, sensitive, single-step colorimetric dipstick assay for quantifying ascorbic acid in urine Marcia A.LeVatte, Matthias Lipfert, Jiamin Zheng, et al 2019 Analytical Biochemistry L-Ascorbate Assay kit
Generation of dopamine neuronal-like cells from induced neural precursors derived from adult human cells by non-viral expression of lineage factors Rebecca Playne, Kathryn Jones, Bronwen Connor 2018 Journal of Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine BDNF-003H, BDNF
Silica nanoparticle with a single His-tag for addressable functionalization, reversible assembly, and recycling Yuye Cao, Yangdong Cui, Yu Yang, et al 2018 Nano Research CAT-2514H, recombinant His-tagged human catalase
Neuron-specific Mafb knockout causes growth retardation accompanied by an impaired GH/IGF-I axis Shayida MAIMAITI, Ryusuke KOSHIDA, Masami OJIMA, et al 2019 Experimental Animals GHRH-288H, human GHRH
Detection of Sotatercept (ACE‐011) in human serum by SAR‐PAGE and western single blotting Christian Reichel,Letizia Farmer,Günter Gmeiner, et al 2017 Drug testing and analysis IgG1Fc-06H, IgHg1
Effects of Danshen capsules on the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of clopidogrel in healthy volunteers Chun-hua Zhou,Meng Xu,Hai-bingYu, et al 2018 Food and Chemical Toxicology CYP3A4-18H, Recombinant Human CYP3A4
Ex and in vivo characterization of the wavelength‐dependent 3‐photon action cross‐sections of red fluorescent proteins covering the 1700‐nm window Hongji Liu,Jiaqi Wang,Xiao Peng, et al 2018 Journal of Biophotonics tdtomato RFP, red algae RFP
Ketamine and ketamine metabolites as novel estrogen receptor ligands: Induction of cytochrome P450 and AMPA glutamate receptor gene expression Ming-Fen Ho,Cristina Correia,James N.Ingle, et al 2018 Biochemical Pharmacology ESR1-1033H, Recombinant full length human estrogen receptor alpha
A Fragment of Adhesion Molecule L1 Binds to Nuclear Receptors to Regulate Synaptic Plasticity and Motor Coordination Kristina Kraus,Ralf Kleene,Melad Henis, et al 2018 Molecular Neurobiology AR-991H, ESR1-12557H, VDR-3659H, PPARG-2772H, ERα, VDR, PPARγ
Antimicrobial Peptide Resistance Mechanism Contributes to Staphylococcus aureus Infection Gordon Y C Cheung,Emilie L Fisher,Joshua W McCausland, et al 2018 The Journal of Infectious Diseases DEFB103A-84H, human beta defensin 3 ([hBD3] DEFB103A)
Interaction of matrix metalloproteinase‐9 and Zpx in Cronobacter turicensis LMG 23827T mediated infections in the zebrafish model Athmanya Konegadde Eshwar,Nina Wolfrum,Roger Stephan, et al 2018 Cellular microbiology MMP9-811H, recombinant human MMP-9 with a C-terminal His-tag
Combined detection of the ActRII‐Fc fusion proteins Sotatercept (ActRIIA‐Fc) and Luspatercept (modified ActRIIB‐Fc) in serum by means of immunoaffinity purification, tryptic digestion, and LC‐MS/MS Katja Walpurgis,Andreas Thomas,Tobias Lange, et al 2018 Drug testing and analysis ACVR2B-P014H, ACVR2A-P015H, ACVR2A-195H, ACVR2B-196H, HC0045AS, HC0046AS, reference material for Sotatercept and Luspatercept
Metallothionein-I + II Reduces Oxidative Damage and Apoptosis after Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in Rats Camilo Rios,Iván Santander, Marisela Méndez-Armenta, et al 2018 Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity COP03, API MT-I + II
Updated protocols for the detection of Sotatercept and Luspatercept in human serum Christian Reichel, Günter Gmeiner, Katja Walpurgis, Mario Thevis 2018 Drug testing and analysis ACVR2A-P015H, ACVR2B-P014H, IgG1 fragment (225aa; 111-335) [hinge (111-118), CH2 (119-228), and CH3 (229-333), CHS (334-335)]) were custom synthesized in CHO-cells
Low-concentration HCP1 inhibits apoptosis in vascular endothelial cells Qun Wei,Jun Zhang,Le Su, et al 2019 BBRC HSP90B1-132H, Recombinant Grp94
A holistic approach to unravelling chondroitin sulfation: Correlations between surface charge, structure and binding to growth factors Raúl Benito-Arenas, Ernesto Doncel-Pérez, Mar Fernández-Gutiérrez, et al 2018 Carbohydrate Polymers COP01, Chondroitin sulfate sodium salt
Probing the nanoparticle–AGO2 interaction for enhanced gene knockdown Sonal Deshpande, Neetu Singh 2018 Soft Matter AGO2-2180H, AGO2
New optical imaging reporter-labeled anaplastic thyroid cancer-derived extracellular vesicles as a platform for in vivo tumor targeting in a mouse model P Gangadaran, XJ Li, S kumar Kalimuthu, et al 2018 Scientific reports Luciferase-09R, Luciferase
Hypoxia disrupts aryl hydrocarbon receptor signaling and the Th17 response in allergic rhinitis patients Wei Kou, Xuelei Li, Hongbing Yao, et al 2018 Molecular Immunology HIF1A-107H, ARNT-20H, AHR-109H, GST, GST-ARNT, HIF-1α, AhR recombinant protein
Modulating cAMP responsive element binding protein 1 attenuates functional and behavioural deficits in rat model of neuropathic pain. T Tao, MY Wei, XW Guo, et al 2019 European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences CREB1-26H, recombined human CREB1
Development of Impedimetric Immunosensors for the Diagnosis of DOCK8 and STAT3 Related Hyper‐Immunoglobulin E Syndrome Shimaa Eissa, Haya Abdulkarim, Ibrahim Hawalta, et al 2018 Electroanalysis SMN1-1660HCL, SMN1
Tandem mass spectrometry analysis of urinary podocalyxin and podocin in the investigation of podocyturia in women with preeclampsia and Fabry disease patients Tristan Martineau, Michel Boutin, Anne-Marie Côté, et al 2019 Clinica Chimica Acta PODXL-32H, PODXL
Measurement of 3-photon excitation and emission spectra and verification of Kasha's rule for selected fluorescent proteins excited at the 1700-nm window Xiangquan Deng, Ziwei Zhuang, Hongji Liu, et al 2019 Optics Express FPs
A Study into the ADP-Ribosylome of IFN-γ-Stimulated THP-1 Human Macrophage-like Cells Identifies ARTD8/PARP14 and ARTD9/PARP9 ADP-Ribosylation Hideyuki Higashi, Takashi Maejima, Lang Ho Lee, et al 2019 Journal of Proteome Research PARG-31H, PARG
Development and characterization of a camelid single‐domain antibody directed to human CD22 biomarker Fatemeh Faraji, Nader Tajik, Mahdi Behdani, et al 2018 Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry CD22-3946H, recombinant human CD22 antigen
Upregulation of PSMB8 and cathepsins in the human brains of dementia with Lewy bodies Qunxing Ding, Haiyan Zhu 2018 Neuroscience Letters Cathepsin B Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit, Cathepsin D Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit
Sulforaphane Suppresses the Growth of Triple-negative Breast Cancer Stem-like Cells In vitro and In vivo Nadia P. Castro, Maria C. Rangel, Anand S. Merchant, et al 2019 Cancer Prevention Research ACVR1B-645H, Alk4
Effect of Titanium Surfaces on the Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells. Diogo Godoy Zanicotti, Warwick John Duncan, Gregory John Seymour, et al 2018 Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants mouse monoclonal anti-human RUNX2 antibody
Suppression of Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation by Selective Single-Domain Antibody for Intracellular STAT3 Sunanda Singh, Genoveva Murillo, Dong Chen, et al 2018 Breast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research STAT3-1496H
Male homosexuality and maternal immune responsivity to the Y-linked protein NLGN4Y Anthony F. Bogaert, Malvina N. Skorska, Chao Wang, et al 2018 PNAS NLGN4Y-01H, NLGN4Y
Mitotic CDK Promotes Replisome Disassembly, Fork Breakage, and Complex DNA Rearrangements Lin Deng, Alex Wu, Remi Sonneville, et al 2019 Molecular Cell CCNA2-6798H, Cyclin A2
Mechanism of action of the atypical retinoid ST1926 in colorectal cancer: DNA damage and DNA polymerase α Rana Abdel-Samad, Patrick Aouad, Hala Gali-Muhtasib, et al 2018 American Journal of Cancer Research POLA-938H, POLA1
Identifizierung von Chemokinliganden durch biochemische Rezeptorfragmentierung und simulierte Peptidevolution Jens-Alexander Fuchs, Cyrill Brunner, Philipp Schineis, et al 2019 Angewandte Chemie CCL19-721H, His-tagged CCL19
Glycolipid iGb3 feedback amplifies innate immune responses via CD1d reverse signaling Xingguang Liu, Peng Zhang, Yunkai Zhang, et al 2018 Cell Research recombinant Pyk2 protein
Prefoldin 5 and anti-prefoldin 5 antibodies as biomarkers for uveitis in ankylosing spondylitis Oh Chan Kwon, Eun-Ju Lee, Joo Yong Lee, et al 2019 Frontiers in Immunology PFDN5-3608H, recombinant human PFDN5
Fetal lung C4BPA induces p100 processing in human placenta Mayra Cruz Ithier, Nataliya Parobchak, Stacy Yadava, et al 2019 Scientific Reports C4BPA-49H, Recombinant C4BPA
Imaging and kinetics of the bimolecular complex formed by the tumor suppressor p53 with ubiquitin ligase COP1 as studied by atomic force microscopy and surface plasmon resonance Ilaria Moscetti, Anna Rita Bizzarri, Salvatore Cannistraro 2018 Int J Nanomedicine RFWD2-186H, TP53-185H, Recombinant human COP1 protein MYC/DDK-tagged
RAD51 Enhances Zygotic Interhomolog Repair Jonathan J. Wilde, Tomomi Aida, Martin Wienisch, et al 2018 RAD51-134H, Rad51
A cost-effective method for purification and characterization of human urinary albumin Shamkant B.Badgujar,Bhupesh C.Mali,Babasaheb Tandale, et al 2019 Journal of Chromatography B ALB-21H, urinary albumin, Reference form of native urinary albumin
Effects Of IGFs On Beta-Cell Proliferation In Ovine Models Exposed To Intrauterine Growth Restriction Ogunbunmi, Elizabeth Titlayo 2019 The University of Arizona IGFBP2-29545TH, BM + IGFBP-2
Multifunctional Pan-ebolavirus Antibody Recognizes a Site of Broad Vulnerability on the Ebolavirus Glycoprotein Pavlo Gilchuk, Natalia Kuzmina, Philipp A.Ilinykh, et al 2018 Immunity Recombinant NPC1 protein, His/FLAG-tagged
Osteopontin, Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor and Anti-Interleukin-8 Autoantibodies Complement CA125 for Detection of Early Stage Ovarian Cancer Jing Guo, Wei-Lei Yang, Daewoo Pak, et al 2019 cancers HOXA7-22H, MYC/DDK-tagged human HOXA7 protein
Novel antibodies against GPIbα inhibit pulmonary metastasis by affecting vWF-GPIbα interaction Yingxue Qi, Wenchun Chen, Xinyu Liang, et al 2018 Journal of Hematology & Oncology Recombinant mouse vWF protein
LIF regulates CXCL9 in tumor-associated macrophages and prevents CD8+ T cell tumor-infiltration impairing anti-PD1 therapy Mónica Pascual-García, Ester Bonfill-Teixidor, Ester Planas-Rigol, et al 2019 Nature Communications Il4-297M, Recombinant IL4
Open chromatin profiling in adipose tissue marks genomic regions with functional roles in cardiometabolic traits Maren E. Cannon, Kevin W. Currin, Kristin L. Young, et al 2019 G3: GENES, GENOMES, GENETICS SPI1-172H, purified PU.1 protein
A comparison of the performance of voltammetric aptasensors for glycated haemoglobin on different carbon nanomaterials-modified screen printed electrodes Shimaa Eissa, Abrar Yousef Almusharraf, Mohammed Zourob 2019 Materials Science and Engineering: C SMN1-1660HCL, recombinant human SMN protein
The SETD6 Methyltransferase Plays an Essential Role in Hippocampus-Dependent Memory Formation William M.Webb1, Ashleigh B.Irwin1, Mark E.Pepin, et al 2019 Biological Psychiatry EHMT1-181H, GST-labeled EHMT1 fusion proteins
Ultrasensitive detection of the androgen receptor through the recognition of an androgen receptor response element and hybridization chain amplification Binbin Yao, Sha Zhu, Xinyu Xu, et al 2019 Analyst recombinant human AR
A new cancer immunotherapy via simultaneous DC‐mobilization and DC‐targeted IDO gene silencing using an immune‐stimulatory nanosystem Yujuan Zhang Jiamin Fu Yanmei Shi 2018 International Journal of Cancer FLT3LG-02H, Flt3-L
Potent and Selective Inhibitors of 8-Oxoguanine DNA Glycosylase Yu-ki Tahara, Douglas Auld, Debin Ji, et al 2018 Journal of the American Chemical Society OGG1-783H, OGG1-29565TH, Recombinant Histagged OGG1
Electrochemiluminescence Assays for Human Islet Autoantibodies Yong Gu1,2, Zhiyuan Zhao1, Dongmei Miao, et al 2018 JoVE Human recombinant IA-2 protein
Efficient tumor killing and minimal cytokine release with novel T-cell agonist bispecific antibodies Nathan D. Trinklein, Duy Pham, Ute Schellenberger, et al 2019 mAbs CD3E&CD3D, CD3E
Recombinant frizzled1 protein attenuated cardiac hypertrophy after myocardial infarction via the canonical Wnt signaling pathway Jingjing Fan, Lin Qiu, Hongyang Shu, et al 2018 Oncotarget Fzd1-2292M, RFP
Human Monoclonal scFvs that Neutralize Fribrinogenolytic Activity of Kaouthiagin, a Zinc-Metalloproteinase in Cobra (Naja kaouthia) Venom Jirawat Khanongnoi, Siratcha Phanthong, Onrapak Reamtong, et al 2018 Toxins VWF-894H, r-hvWF
Graph-based Interactive Data Federation System for Heterogeneous Data Retrieval and Analytics Nittiya Suwannasom, Kathrin Smuda, Chiraphat Kloypan, et al 2019 nanomaterials dialysis membrane sleeve
Artificial antibody created by conformational reconstruction of the complementary-determining region on gold nanoparticles Gui-Hua Yan, Kun Wang, Zhuxue Shao, et al 2018 PNAS EGFR-30H, EGF-556H, sEGFR, EGF
Synthetic Fluorogenic Peptides Reveal Dynamic Substrate Specificity of Depalmitoylases Neri Amara, Ian T.Foe, Ouma Onguka, et al 2018 Cell Chemical Biology MGLL-206R, Mgll
Arctigenin Inhibits Liver Cancer Tumorigenesis by Inhibiting Gankyrin Expression via C/EBPα and PPARα Ying Sun, Yu-jun Tan, Zhan-zhao Lu, et al 2018 Frontiers in Pharmacology PPARα
Cdt1 stabilizes kinetochore–microtubule attachments via an Aurora B kinase–dependent mechanism Shivangi Agarwal, Kyle Paul Smith, Yizhuo Zhou, et al 2018 Journal of Cell Biology Aurora B kinase
AmpliSeq Screening of Genes Encoding the C-Type Lectin Receptors and Their Signaling Components Reveals a Common Variant in MASP1 Associated with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in an Indian Population Tilman E. Klassert, Surabhi Goyal, Magdalena Stock, et al 2018 Frontiers in Immunology MASP1-137H, recombinant human MASP1
Injectable Hyaluronic Acid-co-Gelatin Cryogels for Tissue-Engineering Applications Mahboobeh Rezaeeyazdi, Thibault Colombani, Adnan Memic, et al 2018 Materials CD44-3961H, CD44
Decline in arylsulfatase B expression increases EGFR expression by inhibiting the protein-tyrosine phosphatase SHP2 and activating JNK in prostate cells Sumit Bhattacharyya, Leo Feferman, Xiaorui Han, et al 2018 Journal of Biological Chemistry PTPN11-461H, PTPN11-GST
Single-dose intranasal vaccination elicits systemic and mucosal immunity against SARS-CoV-2 Xingyue An,Melisa Martinez-Paniagua, et al. 2021 iScience Spike, Spike-208V
Efficacy of newly discovered DNA aptamers targeting AXL in a lung cancer cell with acquired resistance to Erlotinib Ji An Hwang, Jae Young Hur, et al. 2021 Translational Cancer Research AXL, AXL-769H
Cooperative Allostery and Structural Dynamics of Streptavidin at Cryogenic- and Ambient-temperature Esra Ayan, Busra Yuksel, et al. 2021 BioRxiv Streptavidin, Streptavidin-501
GPR180 is a component of TGFβ signalling that promotes thermogenic adipocyte function and mediates the metabolic effects of the adipocyte-secreted factor CTHRC1 Lucia Balazova, Miroslav Balaz, Carla Horvath, et al. 2021 Nature Communications CTHRC1, CTHRC1-3225H
CKB inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition and prostate cancer progression by sequestering and inhibiting AKT activation Zheng Wang, Mohit Hulsurkar, Lijuan Zhuo, et al. 2021 Neoplasia CKB, CKB-495H
Zinc trafficking 1. Probing the roles of proteome, metallothionein, and glutathione Afsana Mahim, Mohammad Karim, David H Petering 2021 Metallomics MT, COP03
Antitumor activity of novel POLA1-HDAC11 dual inhibitors Sabrina Dallavalle,Loana Musso, Raffaella Cincinelli, et al. 2022 European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry POLA1, POLA-938H
Circulating uromodulin inhibits vascular calcification by interfering with pro-inflammatory cytokine signalling Ioana Alesutan, Trang T D Luong, Nadeshda Schelski, et al. 2021 Cardiovascular Research UMOD, UMOD-17835M
Hesperidin Is a Potential Inhibitor against SARS-CoV-2 Infection Fang-Ju Cheng et al. 2021 Nutrients TMPRSS2, TMPRSS2-1856H
Concordant Androgen-Regulated Expression of Divergent Rhox5 Promoters in Sertoli Cells Anjana Bhardwaj, Abhishek Sohni, Chih-Hong Lou, et al. 2022 Endocrinology AR, AR-17H
JAGGED1 stimulates cranial neural crest cell osteoblast commitment pathways and bone regeneration independent of canonical NOTCH signaling Archana Kamalakara, Jay M. McKinney, Daniel Salinas Duron, et al. 2021 Bone Bmp2, BMP2-01H, JAG1, JAG1-3138H
Preclinical evaluation of CD8+ anti-BCMA mRNA CAR T cells for treatment of multiple myeloma Liang Lin, Shih-Feng Cho, Lijie Xing, et al. 2021 Leukemia TNFRSF17, TNFRSF17-2348HP
Antibody levels remain high to one-year’s follow-up after moderate and severe COVID-19, but not after mild cases Anne Kallastea, Kalle Kisand, Agnes Aart, Kai Kisand,Pärt Pete 2021 Infectious Diseases Protein G, COP28
SLPI in periodontal Ligament is not sleepy during biophysical force-induced tooth movement Su-Young Lee,Jung-Sun Moon,Dong-Wook Yang, et al. 2020 Journal of Clinical Periodontology SLPI, SLPI-15575M
Cell adhesion molecule L1 interacts with the chromo shadow domain of heterochromatin protein 1 isoforms α, β, and ɣ via its intracellular domain Ralf Kleene,Gabriele Loers,Gaston Castillo,Melitta Schachner 2021 The FASEB Journal CBX3, CBX3-10768H
Generation of a Universal Human Complement Source by Large-Scale Depletion of IgG and IgM from Pooled Human Plasma Frances AlexanderEmily BruntHolly Humphries, et al. 2021 Bacterial Vaccines HIRUDIN, Hirudin-P030L
Biomaterials and Oxygen Join Forces to Shape the Immune Response and Boost COVID-19 Vaccines Thibault Colombani,Loek J. Eggermont,Zachary J. Rogers, et al. 2021 ADVANCED SCIENCE NP, N-127V, Spike, Spike-190V
Osteoinductive effect of soluble transforming growth factor beta receptor 3 on human osteoblast lineage Angelica Mastandrea Amanso,Archana Kamalakar,Sara Bitarafan, et al. 2021 Journal of Cellular Biochemistry JAG1, JAG1-3138H
Design and Assessment of Novel Anti-CD30 Chimeric Antigen Receptors with Human Antigen-Recognition Domains Stephanie Choi, Melissa A. Pegues, Norris Lam, et al. 2021 Human Gene Therapy TNFRSF8, TNFRSF8-642HP
Simultaneous Inhibition of SARS-CoV-2 Infectivity by a Specific Combination of Plant-derived Compounds Anna Goc, et al. 2021 EJBIO TMPRSS2, TMPRSS2-1856H
Development of cell-based high throughput luminescence assay for drug discovery in inhibiting OCT4/DNA-PKcs and OCT4–MK2 interactions Ismail S. Mohiuddin,Sung-Jen Wei,In-Hyoung Yang, et al. 2021 Biotechnology and Bioengineering TP53, TP53-58H
ErpY-like lipoprotein of Leptospira outsmart host complement regulation by acquiring complement regulators, activating alternate pathway, and intervening membrane attack complex Saswat Hota, Md Saddam Hussain, Manish Kumar 2021 BioRxiv C4BPB, C4BPB-184H
An anti-ACVR1 antibody exacerbates heterotopic ossification by fibro/adipogenic progenitors in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva mice John B. Lees-Shepard, Sean J. Stoessel, Julian Chandler, et al. 2021 BioRxiv ACVR1, ACVR1-526H
Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry for Detecting Myosin Light Chain 3 in Dry-Aged Beef Heeyoung Lee, Yoonji Heo, Jong-Chan Kim and You-Shin Shim 2021 Separations MYL3, MYL3-8027H
Protocol for determining the regulation of lipid kinases and changes in phospholipids in vitro Cansu Karabiyik, David C.Rubinsztein 2021 STAR Protocols ING2, ING2-5130H
The autophagy protein ATG16L1 cooperates with IFT20 and INPP5E to regulate the turnover of phosphoinositides at the primary cilium Asma Boukhalfa, Federica Roccio, et al. 2021 Cell Reports ATG16L1, ATG16L1-945H
Effect of (−)-Epigallocatechin Gallate on Activation of JAK/STAT Signaling Pathway by Staphylococcal Enterotoxin A Yuko Shimamura et al. 2021 Toxins IL6ST, Il6st-173M
Soluble syndecan-1 and glycosaminoglycans in preeclamptic and normotensive pregnancies H. Hassani Lahsinoui, F. Amraoui, L. J. A. Spijkers, et al. 2021 Scientific Reports FLT1, Flt1-1785M
Interactions of Spike-RBD of SARS-CoV-2 and Platelet Factor 4: New Insights in the Etiopathogenesis of Thrombosis Margherita Passariello, Cinzia Vetrei, Felice Amato and Claudia De Lorenzo 2021 Int. J. Mol. Sci. PF4, PF4-52H
Orthogonal ubiquitin transfer reveals human papillomavirus E6 downregulates nuclear transport to disarm interferon-γ dependent apoptosis of cervical cancer cells Yiyang Wang,Ruochuan Liu,Jia Liao, et al. 2021 The FASEB Journal CARM1, CARM1-176H
TRIM41 is required to innate antiviral response by polyubiquitinating BCL10 and recruiting NEMO Zhou Yu, Xuelian Li, Mingjin Yang, et al. 2021 Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy CARD11, Card11-385M
Discovery of a novel RORγ antagonist with skin-restricted exposure for topical treatment of mild to moderate psoriasis Suxing Liu, Dong Liu, Ru Shen, et al. 2021 Scientific Reports RORC, RORC-114H
Imipramine and olanzapine block apoE4-catalyzed polymerization of Aβ and show evidence of improving Alzheimer’s disease cognition Noah R. Johnson, Athena C.-J. Wang, Christina Coughlan, et al. 2021 BioRxiv APOE, APOE-1377H, APOE-2630H, APOA1-698H
Morphological cell profiling of SARS-CoV-2 infection identifies drug repurposing candidates for COVID-19 Carmen Mirabelli, Jesse W. Wotring, Charles J. Zhang, et al. 2021 PNAS LTF, LTF-8196H
NLRP3 phosphorylation in its LRR domain critically regulates inflammasome assembly Tingting Niu, Charlotte De Rosny, Séverine Chautard, et al. 2021 nature communications CSNK2B-2013H
STING agonist promotes CAR T cell trafficking and persistence in breast cancer Nuo Xu et al. 2021 JEM ERBB2, Erbb2-4097RP
Pulmonary Delivery of Engineered Exosomes to Suppress Postoperative Melanoma Lung Metastasis through Preventing Premetastatic Niche Formation Xiaoqing Han et al. 2021 Research Square DPEP1, DPEP1-77H
Multicolor three-photon fluorescence imaging with single-wavelength excitation deep in mouse brain Yusaku Hontani, Fei Xia, Chris Xu 2021 SCIENCE ADVANCES tdTomato, tdTomato-19
The long and winding road: detecting and quantifying Notch activation in endothelial cells Lydia L Wu, Stephanie Shen, Henry Biermann, et al. 2021 Vascular Cell NOTCH1/CSL, Kit-1786
Self-assembling short immunostimulatory duplex RNAs with broad spectrum antiviral activity Longlong Si, Haiqing Bai, Crystal Yuri Oh, et al. 2021 BioRxiv IFIH1, IFIH1-1252H
Targeted Expression of TGFBIp Peptides in Mouse and Human Tissue by MALDI-Mass Spectrometry Imaging Venkatraman Anandalakshmi et al. 2021 Separations TGFBI, Tgfbi-621M
Development of selective bispecific Wnt mimetics for bone loss and repair Tristan W. Fowler, Troy L. Mitchell, Claudia Y. Janda, et al. 2021 Nature Communications LRP5, Lrp5-608M
Pathogenic Role of Circulating Citrullinated Antigens and Anti-Cyclic Monoclonal Citrullinated Peptide Antibodies in Rheumatoid Arthritis Pureun Won, Youngkyun Kim, Hyerin Jung, et al. 2021 Front. Immunol., COL2A1, COL2A1-3929H
Oligomerization of Lrrk controls actin severing and α-synuclein neurotoxicity in vivo Souvarish Sarkar, Farah Bardai, Abby L. Olsen, et al. 2021 Molecular Neurodegeneration LRRK2-33H, LRRK2-117H, LRRK2-115H, LRRK2-110H, LRRK2-108H
Dyrk1b promotes hepatic lipogenesis by bypassing canonical insulin signaling and directly activating mTORC2 in mice Neha Bhat, et al. 2021 J Clin Invest. DYRK1B, DYRK1B-2983H
Full-Length Recombinant hSP-D Binds and Inhibits SARS-CoV-2 Raquel Arroyo, Shawn N. Grant , Miriam Colombo, et al. 2021 Biomolecules ACE2, ACE2-736H
Lipid presentation by the protein C receptor links coagulation with autoimmunity NADINE MÜLLER-CALLEJA, ANNE HOLLERBACH, JENNIFER ROYCE, et al. 2021 SCIENCE Creatine, Kit-0259
Induction of CIITA by IFN-γ in macrophages involves STAT1 activation by JAK and JNK JuanTur, Consol Farrera, Ester Sánchez-Tilló, et al. 2021 Immunobiology PPIA, PPIA-26334TH
Rapid generation of potent antibodies by autonomous hypermutation in yeast Alon Wellner, Conor McMahon, Morgan S. A. Gilman, et al. 2021 Nature Chemical Biology birA, birA-339E
Toll-Like Receptor 9-Mediated Neuronal Innate Immune Reaction Is Associated with Initiating a Pro-Regenerative State in Neurons of the Dorsal Root Ganglia Non-Associated with Sciatic Nerve Lesion Petr Dubový,Ivana Hradilová-Svíženská,Václav Brázda and Marek Joukal 2021 Int. J. Mol. Sci. TLR9, TLR9-48H
Development of CAR T Cells Expressing a Suicide Gene Plus a Chimeric Antigen Receptor Targeting Signaling Lymphocytic-Activation Molecule F7 Christina Amatya, Melissa A.Pegues, NorrisLam, et al. 2021 Molecular Therapy SLAMF7, SLAMF7-186HP
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