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Recombinant protein is a manipulated form of protein encoded by recombinant DNA, which has been cloned in a foreign expression system to support the expression of the exogenous gene. This recombinant DNA construct can be used to manufacture large quantities of useful protein products. The recombinant DNA, usually the cDNA sequence of the target protein, is designed to be under the control of a well-characterized promoter to express the target protein within the chosen host cell to achieve high-level protein expression.

Different protein expression systems have different features and applications. Creative BioMart provides multiple sources of recombinant proteins to meet your specific requirements.

Recombinant protein CRO services and related products

Creative BioMart provides a wide range of off-the-shelf recombinant protein products. We also can custom-produce according to your exact request if your target is not in our catalog. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Creative BioMart provides a Protein Expression and Purification Platform that includes more than 20 expression systems to meet your requirements:

Our Advantages

Wide Coverage

  • 100,000+ recombinant proteins covering most genes;
  • Multiple species (human, mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, zebrafish, dog, monkey, pig…);
  • Multiple sources (CHO, HEK293, NS0, Sf 9 Insect cells, Sf21, E. coli, Yeast, Wheat Germ…);
  • Various tags (His, GST, Flag, T7, HA, MYC, Fc, Strep…) on N-terminus or C-terminus;
  • Different fragments/full-length protein/proteins with various mutations.

High Quality

  • Close to natural status;
  • Validated bio-activity using functional ELISA and/or other activity assays;
  • Lower endotoxin level: less than 0.1 EU per μg protein by LAL assay;
  • High purity: most of the products are over 90% pure by SDS-PAGE;

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