Cell-Free Based Protein Analytical

Cell-free system is an in vitro tool widely used to study biological reactions that happen within cells while reducing the complex interactions found in a whole cell. As a leader specialized in protein analysis, Creative BioMart has acquired long experience and expert knowledge in cell-free system. We can prepare cell-free biosystems using a number of purified enzymes and coenzymes. Cell-free biosystems are proposed as a new low-cost biomanufacturing platform in Creative BioMart.

Cell-free biosystems have several advantages suitable in industrial applications:

  • In vitro biosystems can be easily controlled and accessed without membranes.
  • Very high product yields are usually accomplished without the formation of by-products or the synthesis of cell mass.
  • In vitro biosystems can implement some biological reactions that living microbes or chemical catalysts cannot implement before.
  • Enzymatic systems, without the barrier of cellular membrane, usually have faster reaction rates than microbial systems.
  • Enzyme cocktails can tolerate toxic compounds better than microorganisms.
  • Enzyme mixtures usually work under broad reaction conditions, such as high temperature, low pH, the presence of organic solvents or ionic liquids.

Cell-Free Based Protein Analytical

Creative BioMart also provides cell-free service for ubiquitin independent proteasomal protein degradation. For more details, please contact us.

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