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Codon Optimization

As one of the world's leading suppliers of protein services, Creative BioMart has a proven record of dedication to innovation in our constant efforts to integrate new and updated technology into our gene expression repertoire. Creative BioMart Codon Optimization system is a proprietary gene optimization technology that can alter both naturally occurring and recombinant gene sequences to achieve the highest possible levels of productivity in any given expression system. This system takes into consideration a variety of critical factors involved in different stages of protein expression, such as codon adaptability, mRNA structure, and various cis-elements in transcription and translation.

DNA Sequence Features that Influence Protein Expression Levels

Codon Optimization


  • Significant increase in protein expression.
  • Fruitful results in even the most difficult sequences: Creative BioMart Codon Optimization system optimizes highly repeated sequences, extremely long sequences, and sequences with large numbers of parameters for increased protein expression.
  • Comprehensive usage tables for optimization in any host: Creative BioMart boasts an extensive collection of proprietary codon usage tables, allowing you to do codon optimization in any host, any time for either basic research or industrial applications. For example we have specific codon tables for organisms, such as Pichia and Sf9, which are widely used in development procedures.
  • DNA vaccine design: Creative BioMart provides effective solutions to your vaccine needs, such as screening and optimizing parameters involved in regulating vaccinal gene expression and immunogenicity.
  • Customized solutions: The optimization can be tailored to meet your specific needs of even the most esoteric project.

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Codon Optimization

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